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The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond has had quite a few weeks. She has been dealing with the recent accident her husband, Ladd Drummond, and nephew, Caleb, were in. She’s also helping her eldest daughter, Alex Drummond, with wedding preparations. Things have been hectic, but the Food Network star says she’s doing OK, and refers to herself as a ‘steel magnolia.’

Ree Drummond is getting ready for Alex Drummond’s wedding

Ree Drummond with the Property Brothers | Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Hearst

Alex is preparing to marry her college sweetheart, Mauricio Scott. Drummond says they plan to have an outdoor wedding on the ranch. She hopes the weather holds up. According to her, Oklahoma weather can be unpredictable.

Drummond says she wants to slim down so she can fit comfortably in the dress she chose for the wedding ceremony. She stepped up her exercise routine and she’s “on a mission” to reach her fitness goal.

“I have narrowed my dress decision down to two choices, I’m exercising like a woman with a mission, I decided to wear my hair half up, half down, and maybe I’m in denial, but I can really only describe my current wedding state as… excited!” writes Drummond on The Pioneer Woman website. “I’m not really worried about anything, except my dress choices zipping—and, if they do zip, whether I’ll be able to breathe if they do,” she joked.

Ree Drummond says she’s a ‘steel magnolia’

After Ladd and Caleb got into an accident on the ranch, she says her daughters Paige and Alex came home to help out with the animals and provide support. One thing The Accidental Country Girl appreciated was that her daughters checked in with her and asked how she was doing. Drummond says she told them she was OK. According to Drummond, life has helped her build resilience.

“I looked at [Paige and Alex] and said, simply, “I am good,” says Drummond on her website. “After all, we women are Steel Magnolias. Dealing with unexpected family happenings like this simply comes with the territory. I guess if you’ve lived enough years as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, you’re going to develop the ability to power through crises without crumbling.”

Although Drummond feels strong right now, she says she knows she could have a moment where she falls apart because of everything that has transpired.

“I may still have a crumble ahead, don’t get me wrong, but right now I’m firmly in Steel Magnolia mode,” says Drummond. “Does anyone need me to fight any battles for you or stand in front of a freight train on your behalf? My energy is fully engaged, and I am happy to assist. Better take me up on it before I decide I need a nap.”

Ree Drummond is looking forward to Alex’s wedding

Drummond says there are a few things that could make her worry, but right now, she’s choosing not to get anxious about the details.

“I guess I could be a little worried about Oklahoma weather since the wedding is outdoors,” says Drummond. “And maybe I could be a little concerned about the Drummond dogs and how to keep them from finding the reception food before it makes its way out to guests? But honestly, not really worried! We’re all having fun, and Alex had her bridal shower last weekend.”

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