Here’s Where You Can Buy ‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond’s Tops

If you’re a big fan of The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond, you’ve likely noticed her unique blouses. She’s known for her colorful tops almost as much as her meals. Drummond is often seen posing in her latest top in her Instagram photos. Here’s where you can buy Ree Drummond’s tops.

Ree Drummond | Raymond Hall/WireImage
Ree Drummond | Raymond Hall/WireImage

Ree Drummond shared a funny post about wearing her good top when delivering lunch to the ranchers

Drummond shared an Instagram post about a recent trip she made to deliver food to the ranchers. Little did she know, she would be working with the cattle, so she was a bit overdressed. Here’s what Drummond wrote about her fashion fail:

Lucy steals the show—or at least a bite of my caramel apple hand pie—on my new @foodnetwork episode this morning! (Swipe left to see how irresistible they were; I really can’t fault her.) You’ll want to watch the show to see how I make pulled pork in under an hour, how I make the fruitiest fruit punch known to cowboys… and what happens when I assume that by delivering lunch in a long, silky, floral patchwork top, it will somehow make me exempt from having to jump in the pens and help sort cattle. It is Chapter 243 of the continuing novel titled “Ree Never Wears The Appropriate Attire.” Tune in for the adventure at 10 ET/9 CT this morning!

Fans are dying to know where The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond buys her tops

Fans went crazy over the photo of Drummond’s top. Many asked the Food Network star where she buys her beautiful blouses. “Where do you get your tops? You always wear the greatest shirts/tunics,” wrote one Instagram follower. Another person said they were waiting for Drummond to release a clothing line.“I’m just waiting for you to come out with a clothing line. I need to know where you get all your tops. Especially this one!! You always look so lovely!”  

Why Ree Drummond wears blouses all the time

Drummond says he likes to wear what she calls “blousy tops.” She explained to her fans that she doesn’t just wear these tops because of their stylish designs. She also wears the blouses to disguise her tummy. “In other news, I have been eating low carb for a couple of months, but there’s still plenty of calamity and chaos going on under my blousy top, which is why I have an undying loyalty to blousy tops. And this is my favorite color of red. It’s like a cherry and a watermelon had a baby. Thank you for listening,” wrote Drummond.

Here’s where you can buy Ree Drummond’s tops

If you’re looking for a top just like Ree Drummond’s, you’re in luck. Drummond mentioned on her Instagram that she often buys tops from the clothing company Soft Surroundings. Sometimes she will even have closet giveaways on The Pioneer Woman blog. Drummond mentioned she also purchases tops from Ella Moss,  Hale Bob, and Leifsdottir.

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