‘The Pioneer Woman’: Ree Drummond Shares Video of ‘Stinky-Sexy’ Husband Ladd and Fans Are Loving It

Ree Drummond’s husband Ladd works hard on the ranch and The Pioneer Woman star shared the proof. Despite calling Ladd “dusty” and “stinky,” in an Instagram post, she piled on some sweet compliments too.

Ree Drummond smiles wearing a multicolor top during a cooking demonstration
Ree Drummond | Tyler Essary/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Ree Drummond shared just how dirty husband Ladd gets on the ranch

On Sept. 28, Drummond took to Instagram to share a quick video of her husband Ladd. He looked at the camera, pulled off his cowboy hat, and revealed his clean forehead as he gave a smile. Ladd placed the hat back on and repeated the reveal again, showing the distinct line of grime, then put his hat on and walked off.

“I love those dusty-dashing, stinky-sexy, grody-gorgeous types,” Drummond wrote in the caption.

Her daughter Alex commented with the emojis of monkeys covering their eyes and ears while Drummond’s son-in-law Mauricio Scott commented, “Sheeesh Daddy Ladd.”

One of Drummond’s fans remarked, “Son-in-law’s comment for the win.”

Drummond’s fans reacted to the funny video

Fans loved seeing Ladd’s humorous little reveal and many left comments remarking how they initially thought he had a tan line or “didn’t even look that dirty” until he took his hat off.

“No one will ever say Ladd doesn’t work hard, that’s for sure,” one of Drummond’s Instagram followers said. Another person joked, “Somebody needs to be hosed off.”

One fan commented, “Tell me you’re a cowboy without telling me you’re a cowboy.”

Another Drummond fan said, “Too funny! LOL like a farmer’s tan but Ladd has rancher’s head!”

Another observant follower commented, “The fact that his phone in his pocket at the beginning says 11:11 and he is this dusty already.”

Some fans thought it looked like “contouring with dirt” and one of her followers pitched the next Pioneer Woman product idea: “You need to launch a makeup palette inspired by this.”

Some ‘The Pioneer Woman’ fans thought Ladd looked ‘fine’

Other fans weighed in about how handsome Ladd is. “This is weird to say, but that dust and dirt really bring out his blue eyes!” one fan noted.

Another person wrote, “I do love you Pioneer Woman but you must know that hubby of yours is fine! Lol.”

“I wouldn’t have known the difference until the hat came off. Hard-working man. Ree, he is still handsome with those baby blues,” one fan noted.

Other followers chimed in with comments like, “Look how handsome he is, even with all that dirt on him!!,” “He’s still looking good after all these years,” “Handsome cowboy,” “He gets better looking as he gets older,” and “God bless him. Hard work is sexy.”

In a May 3 Instagram post, Drummond said her husband “crashes my photo shoots when he’s covered in something.”

She shared, “As you can see, my life partner takes great joy in bear hugging my freshly showered person; if you look closely you can see the mischief in his eye.”

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