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Ree Drummond makes an easy deep-fried dessert loaded with berry flavor. The Pioneer Woman star’s four berry chimichangas are a quick recipe to pull together last minute — and her lime sugar topping is a delicious bonus!

The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond wears a brightly colored top while demonstrating a recipe on 'Today' with Maria Shriver and Hoda Kotb
Ree Drummond, Maria Shriver, and Hoda Kotb | Tyler Essary/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Ree Drummond shares the easy steps to make her four berry dessert chimichangas

Drummond demonstrated how to make her four berry chimichangas on an episode of The Pioneer Woman dedicated to easy desserts. “I love desserts,” she said. “We are going to make four quick and easy sweet desserts and they’re all gonna be simple. Which, I think, all desserts should be simple because then you can get them in your mouth sooner.”

Drummond raved, “It’s a deep-fried masterpiece, unbelievably amazing.”

She made the filling by combining softened cream cheese and berry preserves, then put a quarter of the filling on a flour tortilla. She spread the filling down the center, folded in the edges, and rolled the tortilla into a burrito shape.

The Food Network host heated vegetable oil in a skillet and placed each chimichanga seam-side down in the oil. “This moves pretty quickly and you just want to fry these until they’re super golden brown,” she shared.

Drummond turned the burritos after one minute and cooked them for another minute. “This really happens quickly so definitely just a couple of minutes per side, at most,” she noted.

‘The Pioneer Woman’ star rolled the dessert in lime sugar

Drummond made a lime sugar to roll the dessert in and offered up an easy tip. “It’s good if you can zest the lime a little bit ahead of time and lay it out on a plate,” she explained. “And then the lime zest kind of dries out a little bit and doesn’t make the sugar clump. Just a little trick for you.”

The Pioneer Woman star shared another use for the sweet lime mixture. “Here’s another little secret I need to tell you about myself,” she said. “When I have a margarita I like to dip the rim in lime sugar and not salt.”

Drummond rolled the chimichangas in the lime sugar soon after frying them. “They’ll get this little crunchy sugary coating,” she said. “You can make the lime sugar before you fry them and then literally just take them out of the oil and put them straight in the sugar and then they’ll really get coated.”


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Drummond’s deep-fried dessert gets an extra berry topping

To finish the dessert, Drummond topped it with mixed fresh berries. “You can tell yourself it’s a healthy dessert because there’s fruit everywhere,” she joked.

The Food Network host also said there are endless variations for her dessert chimichangas. “You can do a cinnamon sugar cream cheese in the center, leave off the preserves,” Drummond said. “You can do anything you want.”

She added, “How quick and easy was this? Think of the possibilities.”

Drummond topped the dessert with whipped cream and served them with extra preserves.

The full recipe is available on the Food Network website.