‘The Price is Right’: Why Drew Carey Was Chosen as Host Over This Former Panelist of ‘The View’

Whose Line is it Anyway? alum Drew Carey continues to give a plethora of prizes to contestants on The Price is Right. When legendary host Bob Barker stepped down in 2007, several high-profile personalities vied to take his place.

One competitor for the job had just left her chair at The View but ended up losing the coveted game show gig to Carey.

Drew Carey of 'The Price is Right'
Drew Carey of ‘The Price is Right’ | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Drew Carey, Come on down!

The actor-comedian announced his new job during an interview on Late Night with David Letterman in 2007. Carey was already serving as host of a game show when he was being considered for The Price is Right.

”They [CBS] approached me right after the pilot for Power of 10, and I said, ‘No,”’ Carey told Letterman in July 2007, according to Entertainment Weekly. “Then they called me a month later … I met with them and stuff, and we’ve been negotiating ever since.”

Carey had just found out he’d be manning the mic right before he sat down with the late night talk show host.

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“Couldn’t say anything,” Carey revealed. “Honestly, it was like 15 minutes ago — they called me. It’s a done deal. I’m the new host of The Price Is Right.”

‘The View’ star wanted the game show gig

Rosie O’Donnell co-hosted The View from 2006 to 2007, then again from 2014 to 2015. After her first go-round on the ABC daytime talk show, O’Donnell made a bid for the hosting position on The Price is Right. Veteran host Barker even gave the former talk show personality an endorsement.

“She knows the show,” Barker said, according to CTV News. “There’s no doubt in my mind she could do the show.”

A longtime fan of the game show, O’Donnell appeared to have second thoughts about relocating her four kids when negotiations intensified.

“Well, here’s the thing: I don’t really need a job,” O’Donnell said in June 2007, according to Today.com. “I’m in a weird position. I don’t need the money. So to get my entire family uprooted from their lives and move them across the country so that I can have a fantasy childhood indulgence, you know … it just doesn’t seem fair.”

With her home in New York, O’Donnell couldn’t justify the cross-country move to Los Angeles in order to take the job. “You know, if they were able to do it in New York, it would be a different story,” O’Donnell explained. “But it looks like it’s — ain’t gonna happen.”

Rosie O’Donnell changes her story

In July 2007, TV Guide reported that O’Donnell wasn’t the one to back out of the deal. Apparently, CBS rescinded the offer. The View alum attributed the network’s withdrawal to her sexuality.

“They thought I was too controversial to host the game show,” O’Donnell said. “I just wanted to ‘gay it up.'” 

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According to TV Guide, O’Donnell was planning an overhaul for the The Price is Right. Seeking to replace the showcase models with hunky male actors from Broadway, the comedian wanted to incorporate a full set makeover and use confetti and musical bumpers throughout the show. Evidently, CBS was not on board with her ideas.

Other competitors for the game show host role included Mark Steines, John O’Hurley, and George Hamilton. CBS ultimately went with Carey, who has succeeded in carrying torch for Barker.