‘The Pursuit of Love’ Season 2 Release Date, Plot and More

For many fans, it’s that time of year when we find out about which TV shows are getting renewed and which are getting the ax. With so many streaming services and platforms to keep up with, it can be a bit overwhelming to keep up to date with a show’s progression, but fans of The Pursuit of Love are in a particularly precarious position. The show wasn’t really meant to be ongoing and is a miniseries event. Does this mean that viewers have seen the last of Linda and Fanny?

Period dramas with surprisingly modern flair are a trend right now — consider Bridgerton and The Great in this category as well — so it shouldn’t be surprising that The Pursuit of Love has found a dedicated fan base. Could that interest be enough to bring the series back for more episodes?

‘The Pursuit of Love’ is set between the World Wars

Taking place in Europe in between the two World Wars, The Pursuit of Love (a BBC miniseries available on Amazon Prime) has an impressive cast and a charismatic lead. Lily James plays Linda Radlett, and the show follows her adventures alongside her cousin Fanny Logan (Emily Beecham). Together, the two women dazzle as actors who can definitely pull off the playful and alluring nature of their characters as they seek out love and marriage in a world that’s rapidly changing around them. 

The series — which so far consists of just three episodes — is based on a novel of the same name by Nancy Mitford. So far, the story has shown the two women’s lives diverging in meaningful ways as Linda finds herself working in a Communist bookstore and living a risqué life while Fanny has become rather hemmed in by the duties of being wife and mother. 

The series tackles the specific political milieu of the time period depicted, but it also asks timeless questions about identity, love, friendship, and the limitations placed on women’s roles in society. It is at once rooted heavily in a particular moment in history and is modernly relevant. 

‘The Pursuit of Love’ has plenty of material left

Emily Beecham as Fanny and Lily James as Linda, holding hands, in 'The Pursuit of Love'
Description: Pictured (L-R): Emily Beecham (Fanny Logan), Lily James (Linda Radlett) | Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios

The three episodes fans have gotten so far from The Pursuit of Love have been ambitious and covered a lot of ground. It’s clear that the final scene — a garden tea party — certainly served as a type of closure for the plot so far. 

However, it’s worth noting that the writers have no shortage of material from which to draw if they’d like to continue. The novel the series is based on was first published in 1945, and it spurred two sequels: 1949’s Love in a Cold Climate and 1960’s Don’t Tell Alfred. At this point, it’s not clear just how far into the source material the show plans to go, but it’s safe to say that there’s plenty left to explore. 

Could ‘The Pursuit of Love’ return for more?

Fans definitely want some more drama and romance from these characters. ScreenRant reports that “It’s possible BBC could commission Love in a Cold Climate to serve as the second season, although it likely wouldn’t air until 2023 at the earliest.” 

As for who the ongoing story would feature, it seems like Linda’s tale has come to a definitive end. More episodes could, however, focus on Fanny. Lily James — who worked as a producer as well as a star of the show — certainly wants to see more for the character: “You’ve got to keep going… You can’t leave Fanny there. It would be a crime. I think you fall so in love with her and you leave her at this point where you just have to know what happens next.”

If the show actually follows the books, however, Fanny might get left just where she is. The second novel — Love in a Cold Climate — actually takes place at the same time as the original but follows a different set of characters, including Fanny’s distant cousin Polly. The story leaves openings for both Fanny and Linda to appear in limited roles, providing cohesion between the two tales. 

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