‘The Queen’s Umbrella’: Kim Hye-soo Plays a Devoted Mother Among the Duties of a Queen

K-drama fans prepare for another riveting K-drama from actor Kim Hye-soo as she stars in The Queen’s Umbrella. The veteran actor recently enthralled fans as a cold-hearted juvenile judge in Netflix’s Juvenile Justice. Now she takes on the role of a Queen who would do anything for her children while ruling the Joseon Dynasty.

Kim Hye-soo in the tvN K-drama 'The Queen's Umbrella.'
Kim Hye-soo in the K-drama ‘The Queen’s Umbrella’ | via tvN

‘The Queen’s Umbrella’ has a Queen set troublemaking princes in line

According to Soompi, in The Queen’s Umbrella, Kim Hye-soo stars as queen Im Hwa-ryung and the wife of a great and powerful king. But unlike other historical K-dramas set in the Joseon Dynasty, the focal point will be the trials and tribulations of Hwa-ryung as a mother. The K-drama tells the story of Kim’s character as she tries to turn her delinquent and maddening sons into worthwhile princes. All while addressing the elite education system.

Fans will gravitate toward the K-drama as Hwa-ryung is not the average queen. After years of dealing with her children, she has developed certain habits of quick thinking. She has also lost the prim and proper dignity of her title. The storyline thread is: How far is a mother willing to go for her children?

The official posters for The Queen’s Umbrella showcase Kim differently. One poster shows her in front of the palace holding an umbrella over her young son in the pouring rain. It shows the devotion of a mother who would instead get soaked to keep her son dry.

The second poster stays true to Kim’s often seen steel gaze. Wearing traditional attire, hair, and accessories, Kim’s character looks straight into the eyes of spectators with a look of determination.

Kim Hye-soo is joined by SF9 K-Pop idol in ‘The Queen’s Umbrella’ cast

The official cast list for the K-drama stars veteran actors and a few familiar faces breaking into acting. While Kim is the lead in The Queen’s Umbrella, she is joined by actor Kim Hae-sook as Queen Dowager. Actor Choi Won-young stars as King Lee-ho and will also star in the September drama The Golden Spoon.

There are a few actors in the role of grand princes. SF9’s Kang Chan-hee stars as Prince Ui-seong. Fans recall the actor for his hit roles in Sky Castle, Signal, and more. Actor Moon Sang-min will play the role of Grand Prince Sung-nam. In the role of Grand Prince Gye-seong is Yoo Seon-ho, alongside Yoon Sang-hyun as Grand Prince Mu-an.

Big Mouth supporting actor Ok Ja-yeon will play the Royal Consort Gwi-in Hwang. The Queen’s Umbrella will also star Taxi Driver actor Kim Eui-sung as Hwang Won-hyeong.

When will ‘The Queen’s Umbrella’ premiere?

The K-drama is tagged as a historical and black comedy and is set to premiere in October. But The Queen’s Umbrella has no set premiere date yet. While being produced and created by tvN, What’s on Netflix reports the drama will be available on Netflix and will have a premiere date of Saturday, October 15th, 2022. The drama is reported to have 16 episodes in the first season.


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Fans will have to wait for an official trailer or teaser for Kim Hye-soo’s The Queen’s Umbrella.