‘The Real’ Fans Slam Amanda Seales Over Her Attitude Towards a Guest

When Amanda Seales was announced as the fifth and final permanent co-host of the Emmy Award-winning talk show, The Real, fans had pretty strong opinions. Many of them were upset that the show would jeopardize the dynamic that the original co-hosts had created together. Others simply weren’t fans of Seales and didn’t see how she could fit it within the show. Months later, Seales has proven herself to be very knowledgeable about an abundance of topics. However, a recent interview with a guest has fans convinced that Seales is not the right fit for the show.

Amanda Seales co-host of The Real
Amanda Seales | Michael Tran/WireImage

Tiffany “New York” Pollard talks Flavor of Love

Earlier this month, The Real welcomed Tiffany “New York” Pollard to the show as a guest. Whilst there, she discussed her love life as well as her time on the hit reality show, Flavor of Love. While many people are used to Pollard’s larger than life and over the top attitude, Seales seemed less than impressed. Fans noticed that during the majority of times that Pollard was talking, Seales chose not to engage. Furthermore, during a portion of the clip, Seales seemingly rolls her eyes at Pollard.

Fans think adding a new host to the cast was a mistake

Almost immediately, fans began to call Seales out. Though some people did point out the Seales’ wasn’t the only co-host on The Real who seemed less than enthusiastic about Pollard’s interview, she bore the brunt of the criticism. “Ugh Amanda should’ve never been hired. She can’t even control her facial expressions. The whole energy of this show changed. The dynamic of the 4 was good the way it was 🙄🙄🙄” one person wrote on the show’s YouTube page. “Picking Amanda was truly the wrong decision. She doesn’t seems *NSYNC with the rest of the girls. She’s very rude. She’s just not a perfect fit for the show,” another fan of The Real echoed.

Is Amanda Seales a good fit for The Real

Other people shared that they enjoyed watching Seales and listening to her perspective, but the felt that The Real simply wasn’t a good choice for her. They suggested that she might do better on a more serious show like The View. “Don’t get me wrong, I like her and a lot of what she says, but The Real is also about having fun as well as discussing in-depth topics. Jeannie can drop pearls of wisdom as well as engage is silly topics with guests. If Amanda can’t do that, maybe she should be a commentator for CNN or something,” one person chimed in.

Fans of The Real express their concerns on YouTube

On the other hand, some people felt that Seales could have a future with The Real if she began controlling her reactions to guests and topics that she wasn’t overly excited about. “I do like Amanda on the show in general however in situations where she’s not a fan of the guests she needs to learn to be respectful and professional in her approach. It shouldn’t be so obvious that you’re not here for the conversation with the guest as they have been prebooked. You should be able to humble yourself to be present without being over the top to be welcoming but you can be polite and professional,” one person added. Only time will tell if bringing Seales onboard The Real was, in fact, a good choice. But so far, fans don’t seem particularly impressed.