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Two years after exiting The Real, Amanda Seales is opening up about her relationships with her former co-hosts. Seales joined the show in 2020 as the official replacement for Tamar Braxton, but left after only six months, explaining she felt limited in what she could say on the show. Since then, she has remained in touch with some of the panelists, but not all.

An old lineup of 'The Real' cast including Amanda Seales, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Adrienne Houghton, and Jeannie Mai
Amanda Seales, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Adrienne Houghton, and Jeannie Mai | by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Amanda Seales spoke about her relationships with her former co-hosts on ‘The Real’

Seales’ comments came in an interview on The Breakfast Club, when she was discussing her recent rant about being left out of The Real‘s farewell episode. In case you missed it, The Real aired its final episode on June 3 and marked the occasion with a video montage honoring its hosts from throughout the years. Adrienne Bailon, Tamar Braxton, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Jeannie Mai Jenkins, Loni Love, and Garcelle Beauvais were all featured. Seales was not.

After sharing a video venting about the omission, Seales was met with supportive messages from many on social media. But some argued that she shouldn’t have expected to be included due to her past comments about the show.

Addressing those comments on The Breakfast Club, Seales rejected the notion that she’d done something wrong with what she said about The Real. “Me holding an employer accountable for behaviors and practices that are deleterious to the positive work environment of people there is not ‘sh****** on the show,” said Seales.

“I never said talked about my co-hosts,” she added. “I never made it about the actual talent on the show. [It was] about the leadership.”

She said she has actually maintained some of those relationships from ‘The Real’

Going on, Seales noted that she actually still communicates with at least two hosts, Mai and Bailon. They even allegedly reached out to her after she made her video.

“Jeannie and Adrienne hit me up and were like, ‘That’s bulls***. We did not realize that that was happening,'” Seales continued. “And we were going to do an Instagram Live, but then our schedules didn’t line up and it was just like, it’s fine. But I talk to Jeannie and Adrienne all the time.”

She did not comment on her relationship with Love, but fans had previously noticed that the two had allegedly unfollowed each other on social media. It remains unclear why and what their relationship was like outside of the show.


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Fans will get more insight later

As the conversation progressed, Breakfast Club co-host Charlamagne Tha God began to wonder more about Seales’ departure — specifically the exact moment she knew she was going to leave the show. Seales responded that there wasn’t one. Rather, it was a slow progression.

“You just start to realize that what you were told is not what it is,” she answered. “And that’s just it. I thought [the show brought me on] to elevate conversations. I was told that they wanted to have more talk about stuff going on in the zeitgeist and social justice, etcetera. Then I learned that that really wasn’t why I was brought in there.”

“That was a portion,” she continued. “But I was really brought on there to kind of be a villain, because the women on the show at that point had basically started not having an opinion on things because they really didn’t want to deal with the Internet response, and they wanted to just keep things chill. And also they had been there so long that they always knew what the other was going to say. So they brought me in there to shake the table.”

“… And I guess if I knew that was the assignment I would have decided differently if I wanted to sign up for that,” Seales added. “But that’s not what I thought I was signing up for.”

She intends to discuss the situation more in “The Amandaverse,” an umbrella term for her personal projects, including a podcast and her social media pages.