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Amanda Seales shocked viewers of The Real when she quit the show just months after her hiring. Seales has been open about what led to her decision, including the belief that producers on the show tried censoring her discussions of issues she deemed important. Now, Seales is calling the culture of the show “toxic,” though she does not believe the standard set forth on the show is intentional. 

Amanda Seales on 'The Real'
Amanda Seales on ‘The Real’

Amanda Seales says culture at ‘The Real’ was toxic

Seales announced her departure from The Real just six months after joining the round table as a co-host. She opened up to Hollywood Unlocked about the lack of diversity among the staff behind the scenes and how that had a negative impact on her experience as a host.

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In a new interview with The Breakfast Club, Seales notes that she was initially excited about her new job. After some time, Seeales said she noticed that some practices on the show created a “toxic” culture. She explained that she spent the majority of her time meeting with executives and producers to prep for their live shows. During Seales’ time on the show, she became more aware of the company protocol.

“It really becomes like about the system that’s happening behind the scenes, with what’s getting chosen about, what’s getting spoken about – with how the protocol is for complaints or concerns etc.,” she said. “So you just start to see there’s a culture in different places that you work that is toxic and sometimes you just don’t know that until you get there.”

Seales also reiterated that the show’s formula was set in stone prior to her joining. She made the decision to leave because she was unhappy and willing to stick around to witness any potential change.

Amanda Seales admits to having a nervous breakdown in March 2020

From the outside, it appeared to fans that Seales had it all. She was creating her own content with her successful tour Smart, Funny, and Black, she had her own HBO live comedy special, a role on the hit comedy Insecure, and a new job on The Real. But Seales told The Breakfast Club that a lot of negativity came with her success.

Seales uses her Instagram platform to speak on racial and social injustice and is never afraid to share her commentary. But, social media users have not always been perceptive. Some fans of The Real were not happy about Seales’ hiring. Some viewers of The Real felt that she was argumentative about every subject.

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The social media bullying affected Seales and she had a nervous breakdown just two months into her job on The Real.

“At the end of the day I had started to believe what [critics] made up about me,” she said through tears. “If you’re not careful, you’ll let the people who know you least tell [you about yourself.]”

Seales used therapy to help her through, as well as other healthy outlets including boxing. She now says that she’s developed thicker skin for the work she does in her industry.