‘The Real’ Host Jeannie Mai Details Painful Fight With Her Mother, Mama Mai

While she’s been in good spirits on The Real, Jeannie Mai has been dealing with some family difficulties behind the scenes. She and her mother — who goes by Mama Mai — are in the middle of a fight that’s been going on for months. The root? COVID-19.

Jeannie Mai promised to share the story with fans on her YouTube vlog, and she just posted part 1 about their hurtful dispute. As it stands, they still have not mended their relationship.

Mama Mai and Jeannie Mai
Mama Mai and Jeannie Mai attend Beautycon Festival, 2019 | Araya Diaz/Getty Images for Beautycon

Jeannie Mai and Mama Mai had a fight over the holidays

In the latest YouTube post, Jeannie Mai explains she initially didn’t plan to share the footage of her and her mother trying to address their issue. The duo locked horns during the holidays and still aren’t on good terms. Why?

There were plans for an intimate 8-person party meant to celebrate Jeannie and Jeezy’s engagement with her parents and close family in Napa. They canceled a large Christmas gathering due to COVID-19.

At the last minute, Mai learned her mom invited some of her own friends and called her about it. Mama Mai hung up on her, so Jeannie texted her wishes not to have extra people at the event.

But on the day of the party, the extra folks were there, much to Mai’s dismay. She acknowledged they were nice people and they weren’t the problem.

They enjoyed their meal but the day after, Mai confronted her mother about it. Mama Mai got upset because others were within earshot, so she walked off. She even blew off a lunch date and showed up over an hour late.

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Mama Mai argued her side

When the conversation started, Mama Mai called Jeannie a “devil.” But things continued.

To counter her daughter, Mama Mai said she wanted to combine the Christmas party and engagement party, regardless of Jeannie’s concerns. She justified it by saying her friends don’t go out, and therefore didn’t really pose a risk for coronavirus.

She didn’t like that Jeannie was “nagging, nagging” the next day after the event. Mama Mai stated she embarrassed her by yelling at her in front of her friends and Dennis (Mai’s brother), and she felt disrespected.

In the video, she admits to being standoffish during their Napa trip because Jeannie upset her.

Things went left between Jeannie Mai and Mama Mai

After Jeannie apologized to her mother several times for approaching the issue in front of guests, Mama Mai still was not ready to let things go.

Dennis hopped on the Zoom call to attempt to mediate, but he agreed that their mom should have abided by COVID-19 restrictions. He also checked Jeannie about dropping f-bombs in front of Mama Mai.

But the siblings pointed out that their mother has a habit of not listening or taking accountability when she’s wrong, and it’s a problem. They also believe that since she’s earned a bit of fame, she’s gotten a big head.

When Jeannie told her mom that she’s concerned for her parents’ health, Mama Mai said, “Don’t worry. I’ll stay away from you.” This led to more hurt feelings as they both rejected each other. By the end, Jeannie was in tears and felt like her mom wants nothing to do with her.

Nothing was resolved in this first part of their chat, and Mama Mai took to Instagram to express her discontent.

“I so mad at her right now. No matter what the parent do wrong or right, the children can NEVER EVER YELLING AT YOU MOM AND DAD,” she wrote. “That is the #1 disrespect my child do NOT talking to me like that. I agree to show this video because my daughter and I will both have a lot to working out, but #1 I tell you. Never talking to you mother like she is the stranger on the street. If you don’t respect me, then you lose me forever,” concluded Mama Mai.

Many fans are siding with Jeannie Mai in this fight, but they would like to see the pair work things out peacefully as it’s obvious they’re both hurting. Some have expressed they can relate to this parent-child relationship and are grateful Mai is sharing the experience. Stay tuned.