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Fans of The Real are expecting the show to be a little less real now that Amanda Seales has exited the daytime talk show. Seales revealed that she did not renew her contract over claims of censorship after joining the show earlier this year. Now, fans are speculating if her former co-host, Loni Love, is siding with the network after she and Seales unfollowed each other on social media. Many believe Love has a sketchy history with the show after singer and reality star, Tamar Braxton, claimed Love played a part in having her fired as co-host. 

Loni Love and Amanda Seales
Loni Love and Amanda Seales via Twitter

Amanda Seales leave ‘The Real’ after six months

Seales broke the news during an Instagram live chat with fellow actor Brandon Victor Dixon that she had not renewed her contract on the daytime talk show. According to the actress and scholar, there were issues surrounding censorship from the show’s executives surrounding the state of racism in the country and she refused to not use the platform to speak on such issues.

Source: YouTube

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It doesn’t feel good to my soul to be at a place where I can not, speak to my people the way they need to be spoken to. And where the people that are speaking to me in despairing ways are not being handled. I’m not at a space where as a full black woman I can have my voice and my co-workers also have their voices and where the people at the top are not respecting the necessity for black voices to be at the top too.

Amanda Seales

Seales joined the show in the middle of season 5 in January 2020 and spoke openly on all things race when the subject was broached. She even challenged her co-host, Tamera Mowry Housley, to speak up more about race as Housley is biracial who identifies a Black woman. She also famously debated whether or not Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be proud of how America is handling racism with Jeannie Mai.

Amanda Seales unfollows Loni Love on Instagram as former co-hosts show support

Immediately after the announcement, fans checked Seales’ social media channels. The Insecure star uses her social media to vocalize her feelings on racial injustice and promote different initiatives she’s involved in. Seales reposted the clip of her announcing her exit from the show. Her former co-host, Adrienne Bailon-Houghton, commented with her support of Seales’ decision with hand raise emojis.

Source: Instagram

Fans quickly realized that Seales’ followers list changed. The day before Seales’ announcement, one fan on Twitter posted their observation.

“Anyone else peeped that Loni Love and The Real unfollowed Amanda Seales,” they asked.

Source: Twitter

As of June 3, Seales still follows all of her former co-hosts except Love. Many are wondering whether or not this is due to her and Love having issues behind the scenes, particularly around Seales’ decision to leave and if Love was supportive. 

Love previously supported Seales when Seales shut a reporter down on live television when she was asked about the potential drama between her and Mai. Love also said that Seales was “fitting in just fine” with the hosts during a March 2020 interview with ABC Audio.

Loni Love was accused of playing a role in Tamar Braxton’s firing

Love was accused of orchestrating to have Braxton fired before Seales was hired as her replacement earlier this year. Since Braxton’s firing in 2016, she has been adamant that Love was part of it, claiming she had proof from mutual friends.

Tamar Braxton with former co-hosts of 'The Real'
Tamar Braxton with former co-hosts of ‘The Real’ via Twitter

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A former friend and colleague of Love’s, comedian Cookie Hull, spoke with YouTube’s Comedy Hype and corroborated Braxton’s story about Love. In fact, Hull said that Love showed her emails that Love sent to producers of the show vying for Braxton to be removed permanently. Hull says Love wanted to be the only “ghetto” girl on the show and saw Braxton as a threat.

Love has denied all claims. But with her and Seales no longer following one another on social media, fans are speculating whether something similar has allegedly happened as with Braxton. There were also several rumors floating that Love was in jeopardy of being fired and replaced with Seales in the moderator chair.

The Real has yet to speak on Seales’ exit, nor has her former co-hosts.