The Real Reason Bethenny Frankel Stormed Out of Her Family Court Hearing

It looks like Bethenny Frankel has no plans for forgiving or forgetting what happened during her marriage and subsequent divorce from Jason Hoppy. Frankel and Hoppy appeared in court last week to continue battling over custody of their daughter. The SkinnyGirl mogul couldn’t contain her emotions during Hoppy’s testimony and actually had to leave the courtroom. So, what did Hoppy say that set Frankel off?

Jason Hoppy called himself a jerk during his testimony

It appears that Frankel took issue with Hoppy’s statement when he admitted he had been a jerk during the end of their marriage. Frankel, apparently felt like Hoppy was downplaying his behavior to garner favor with the courts.

Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy
(l-r) Bethenny Frankel, Jason Hoppy | Photo by: Zach Ornitz/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

According to E!, Frankel jumped up from her seat and screamed at Hoppy that he had tortured her after he recounted his behavior during the early days of their divorce. Hoppy has a well-documented history of harassing Frankel. The father of one was charged in 2017 for harassment after he approached Frankel at their daughter’s school, according to People. The judge halted the proceedings for a break after the incident. Frankel was later seen in the hallway still fuming.

Why is Frankel pursuing full custody of Bryn?

Frankel and Hoppy dated for just 11-months before tying the knot. While fans were initially positive about the pairing, things quickly started to fall apart. The pair married in 2010, but just three years later they parted ways. Since then, they have battled over everything, including custody of their daughter.

They initially reached a custody agreement in 2014, but Frankel is now pursuing full custody of the 9-year-old. Frankel alleges that Hoppy’s dramatic behavior has a detrimental effect on Bryn, and is hoping that full custody will help the child gain some stability in her life. As it stands, Hoppy and Frankel have shared custody of the child.

Why did Bethenny and Jason get divorced?

While Bethenny and Jason seemed like a perfectly good couple while they were dating, cracks were apparent from early on in their relationship. Frankel wrote in her 2015 book; I Suck at Relationships, So You Don’t Have To: 10 Rules for Not Screwing Up Your Happily Ever After, that she mainly decided to get married out of fear. She noted that her friends were getting married and that while she and Hoppy connected on a physical level, inherent differences in their personalities doomed their union.

Hoppy, for his part, has argued that Bethenny’s SkinnyGirl deal completely upended their relationship. He alleges that their relationship dynamic became uneven as soon as Frankel landed the huge business deal. For fans of a Bethenny, it looked like Jason was jealous of SkinnyGirl’s success, but there is likely far more to the story.