The Real Reason Dr. Spencer Reid Is the Best Part of ‘Criminal Minds’

There are a lot of memorable characters on Criminal Minds, but none comes close to Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler). He’s arguably many people’s favorite character, but what makes Reid the best part of Criminal Minds? Read on to find out.

Dr. Spencer Reid is a unique member of the BAU

Matthew Gray Gubler
Matthew Gray Gubler | Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Reid is a super likable genius and an all-around great guy. It’s hard not to love his character who graduated high school at only 12. His father left him and his mother, Diana (Jane Lynch), because he couldn’t handle Diana’s schizophrenia, among other reasons.

Reid learned an immense amount from reading books and he learned to rely on himself in a lot of ways. At only 18, he had to put his mother in a mental institution. He’s socially awkward, but always has something to add to the conversation, whether wanted or not. He has been known to miss social cues, but it makes fans like him even more.

Why Reid is the best part of ‘Criminal Minds’

Reid is an extremely unique, handsome guy that fans have truly fallen for. He’s a genius, but in an awkward way. There is no other character on television quite like Dr. Spencer Reid, which makes him that much more interesting. He’s had a tough road and he deserves happiness, which he never seems to find. It makes viewers care for him even more as the years have gone by.

What fans say about Dr. Spencer Reid

Fans can’t get enough of Reid and that goes for social media as well. Reddit is full of fans explaining why they are so fond of their favorite member of the BAU. People seem to like everything about him, including the sound of his soothing voice.

“I love the sound of Reid’s voice as well,” a Reddit user pointed out. “It’s like music to my ears. And I could listen to him talk and spout off random facts all day. I do enjoy that type of stuff. I just want to hang out with Reid and listen to him jibber jabber.”

Matthew Gray Gubler as Reid is a perfect casting choice

Many viewers believe that Matthew Gray Gubler as Reid is perfect. He adds a level of unique brilliance to the character that makes him that much more popular with fans.

“Something about him just comes off so genuine and human that I sometimes forget I am watching a TV show (until something obviously dramatic happens),” another Reddit user said. “MGG is a weird guy, in the best way, and I think it was the type of quirk that the producers/casting directors intended for the character, so he was a perfect fit.”

Reid is a favorite character for numerous viewers

Many consider Reid their favorite character in the series. “Spence (aka Reid),” a Reddit user wrote. “I love him and when I met Matthew Gray Gubler he was really awesome as well which just makes it better for me.”

Criminal Minds will return for one final season on Wednesday, January 8, 2020, at 9 p.m. E.S.T. Fans will get to see Reid in season 15 before it’s all really over. Hopefully, he will find happiness in the end, since we all know he deserves it.