The Real Reason Fans Hate Delilah on ‘A Million Little Things’

ABC’s A Million Little Things is almost half-way through their second season, and the drama is ramping up. The series started when Jon Dixon (Ron Livingston) took his own life, leaving his friends to pick up the pieces.

In the first season, we were shocked to learn that his wife, Delilah Dixon (Stéphanie Szostak), was cheating on him with one of his best friends, Eddie (David Giuntoli). As if that’s not enough of a reason to hate her already, she keeps giving fans more ammo. Read on to find out why viewers are calling her the most hated character on the show. Warning: Season 2 Spoilers

Stephanie Szostak (Delilah)
Stephanie Szostak | David Bukach/ABC via Getty Images

Fans believe Delilah should tell the truth about her baby

Early on in the first season, we learned that Delilah was pregnant with Eddie’s baby. She insisted that they tell everyone that the baby was her late husband, Jon’s. She did not want to cause her children more pain than they were already in after losing their father. Eddie went along with the lie. Fans despised her for it.

In the second season, Eddie reconciles with his wife, Katherine (Grace Park), after telling her the truth about the baby. She still takes him back, knowing that the baby is his.

The one thing that keeps bothering Katherine is that she has to lie to her son about the baby (Charlie). She tells Delilah this in the November 8th, 2019 episode, and Delilah refuses.

“She was okay with doing something that would hurt them, leaving Jon for Eddie, and sleeping with Eddie before she left Jon. But the kids actually LEARNING what she did… that’s the act that will hurt them?” One fan on Reddit is appalled that she won’t tell the kids. Many others agree.

Another Redditor wrote, “Delilah is a bitch. Period. So it’s okay for Theo to be deprived of a sibling because of your and Eddie’s terrible choices (Charlie not included)? Charlie gets to be deprived of knowing her actual father and having another sibling?!”

Fans are freaking out that she will not tell her children the truth. They believe she is just trying to protect herself, not her kids.

Fans want to know why Delilah can’t watch her own baby

In almost every episode since Delilah had Charlie, we have seen one of the friends on the show babysit. The baby is still very young, but she continues to pass Charlie off on everyone, and fans are pissed.

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“Delilah needs to get a nanny. Constantly dropping the baby with off with her friends is ludicrous,” one Reddit user wrote.

Another fan is distraught, “Why the holy hell is Delilah incapable of watching her own baby? Why is everyone else babysitting her child? Why can’t SHE carry that baby around? This character is. The. Worst.”

Several others agreed, asking, “And she’s barely employed, what else is she doing with all her time?”

The discussion about other people watching Delilah’s baby comes up almost every week after the show airs. Fans are appalled at the fact that she keeps dropping Charlie off with another friend every chance she can get.

Fans believe Delilah is a terrible mother

Another thing that made fans very upset during the recent episode was when Delilah gifted her daughter, Sophie (Lizzy Greene), a car and let her take her younger brother out unsupervised.

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“Who didn’t see the car getting wrecked the moment she gave her the keys?” wrote one Redditor.

Another user completely agreed, “First thought. And let her drive her younger brother around with no prior driving experience without a licensed adult? No Delilah, you’re a great mom, they said sarcastically.

“[I] kinda like that the writers have finally realized that a majority of fans hate Delilah, so they’ve really turned her into a complete bitch,” wrote another fan of the show.

A Million Little Things viewers agree that Delilah’s character is the worst on the show. To watch new episodes, tune into ABC Thursday nights at 9 p.m.