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It’s no secret that having siblings can be very difficult sometimes. For young children who are still not used to processing their emotions, the experience can be even harder.

Kim Kardashian has always been open about the fact that her four kids sometimes do not always get along very well. In fact, it seems that the oldest two of the bunch — North and Saint West — are notorious for constantly being at odds with one another.

North, especially, had a big reason for why she did not enjoy Saint’s presence. Read on below to find out how North felt about her brother.

North West had a hard time adjusting to Saint West being a part of the family

Kim Kardashian and daughter, North West
Kim Kardashian and North West | Rich Fury/Forum Photos via Getty Images

North was born in 2013, followed by Saint in 2015. Although she was only two when Saint was born, it was quite obvious to Kardashian that her eldest daughter did not like her younger brother.

In 2017, Kardashian shared on Live with Kelly and Ryan: “I don’t know if it’s ’cause she’s the older sister. I don’t know what it is. I thought it was a phase. She does not like her brother. It’s so hard for me. And I thought it was like, ‘Okay, a couple months, like you know, she’s just warming up to it.’ She’d get so jealous when I would breastfeed and all that kind of stuff. And now, the phase isn’t going away.”

North West wanted to be an only child

In another instance, Kardashian revealed that North liked to pretend that she was an only child, which could be a reason why she had a hard time warming up to Saint.

“North acts like an only child at all times,” Kardashian said on Ashley Graham’s Pretty Big Deal podcast. “I think she’s a little confused. She’s beyond jealousy now. She’s just like, ‘It’s my world.'”

Kardashian even shared that North even has a “No Boys Allowed” sign on her bedroom door and actively discouraged Saint from entering, saying: “She won’t even let Saint step foot in her room. If he does or if he’s with me and I have to take care of both of them … it’s like full war.”

Kardashian admitted that it was interesting thing to witness because her son Saint is “the nicest human being on the planet.”

North West and Saint West get along better now

Although North was wary of Saint for a few years, it seems that the two of them are now on friendly terms.

Kardashian recently took to social media to share three photos of North and Saint laughing together in a car. The reality TV starlet wrote: “They get along now.”

It’s not clear what ultimately made North open up to Saint, but as a mother, there’s no doubt that Kardashian is breathing a sigh of relief.

Does Kim Kardashian and Kanye West want more children?


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Aside from North and Saint, Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West, have two more children: Chicago (b. 2018) and Psalm (b. 2019).

Since Kardashian came from a big family, fans have been dying to know whether or not she and West will ever have more kids in the future.

There isn’t a definite answer for this. It has been reported that West would like to have a large family with “fix or six” children. However, Kardashian has said that she is already very busy taking care of four kids while balancing her career and law studies.

“I LOVE my babies so much but 4 is all I can handle with how busy I am, and each one of my babies needs so much attention,” she once said in response to a fan who asked her about having more children.