The Real Reason People Can’t Stand Kate Gosselin

People love to hate reality celebrities. Often, these people overshare so much of their lives, highlighting the worst aspects of their characters. Plus, they’re chosen to be on TV because they have drama in the first place. One person this fact is especially true for? Kate Gosselin.

The mom of eight rose to popularity over a decade ago with the debut of the TLC series Jon & Kate Plus 8. In the show, Jon and Kate Gosselin allowed viewers a glimpse into the everyday trials of raising eight young children – one set of twins and the famous sextuplets.

Kate Gosselin had a lot of sympathy at first. After all, it’s challenging enough to care for a single newborn… never mind six. But it wasn’t long before fans began to turn on her and now most people can’t stand Kate. Here’s what happened.

Kate was very controlling

Staying organized while raising eight kids is essential. However, many fans believe Kate Gosselin took things too far, turning into a controlling, Type A mother and wife who overreacted for the smallest things.

In an interview with People, Kate admitted she would do things differently now. “If I could go back, I wouldn’t spend so much time worrying about the messes and the obsessive compulsiveness and needing to be so in control,” she said. Like so many mothers, she regrets wasting time worrying about frivolous things when her children were young.

Given the chance to do it all again, she claims she’d “spend more time nibbling little feet and cuddling up” instead of cleaning and yelling.

Fans think she drove Jon awa

John and Kate Gosselin from 'John and Kate Plus 8'
John and Kate Gosselin from ‘John and Kate Plus 8’ | Wikimedia Commons

Jon and Kate’s bitter divorce was extreme even by reality TV standards. The couple split amongst rumors of Jon conducting an affair with 23-year-old school teacher Deanna Hummel, so he wasn’t exactly in the good graces of television audiences. However, there were many fans who believed Kate “drove him” to cheat with her constant nagging and belittling.

Watching old episodes now, it’s clear that Jon and Kate were imperfectly matched, and it shows in their treatment of each other. There’s never just one person to blame for divorce. But it’s clear Kate’s overbearing nature had negative effects on her ex-husband and most likely influenced his actions, for better or worse.

Many people think she’s attention starved

Kate Gosselin with kids
Kate Gosselin with kids | Kate Plus 8 via Facebook

Signing up to do a reality show means you kind of like being in the spotlight. Fans might have forgiven this the first time, but when Jon & Kate Plus 8 got canceled and then Kate started signing up for other reality shows, like Dancing with the Stars, fans thought it was strange behavior.

Many critics spoke up, saying Kate needed to go home and focus on her family, not try to stay in the spotlight.

Did she have an affair?

Gosselin family fans were understandably miffed that Jon would cheat on Kate… possibly on multiple occasions with very young women. But when it was revealed that Kate Gosselin might be carrying on an affair with her bodyguard Steve Neild, they immediately became annoyed with Kate, too.

While Kate has always denied these claims, it’s never been proven one way or the other.

Some of Kate’s kids chose their dad over her

It all started with Hannah Gosselin, the only septuplet daughter who chooses not to live with Kate. Reasons for choosing Jon over her mom aren’t clear and details of the custody agreement are top secret. But now that the youngest kids are 14, they’re able to vocalize where they want to stay.

Then last December, Jon Gosselin won custody of their son Collin, who had previously been attending a school that could deal with his “special needs.” Now Jon claims Collin has no learning issues and also says Kate hasn’t made an effort to see her child since he went to live with his dad. It’s all making fans feel especially bitter toward Kate, even if it’s not the whole story.

These are just a few reasons that people can’t stand Kate Gosselin, fair or not.