The Real Reason Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s Oldest Daughter’s Wedding Won’t Be Televised

For anyone who was hoping to see Princess Beatrice’s upcoming nuptials to property developer Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi that won’t be happening.

British broadcasters BBC and ITV have announced via a statement to the Daily Mail that the networks will not air the royal wedding. The BBC said it will not replace any of its regularly scheduled programming to show the ceremony live but would “offer news coverage of the wedding across our services.” Following this news, many thought that the scandal surrounding the princess’ father, Prince Andrew, is why the stations won’t carry the event but is there actually another reason? Read on to find out.

Sarah, Duchess of York, Princess Beatrice and Prince Andrew, Duke of York
Sarah, Duchess of York, Princess Beatrice and Prince Andrew, Duke of York | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Was Princess Eugenie’s wedding televised?

The wedding of Sarah Ferguson and Andrew‘s youngest daughter, Princess Eugenie, in October 2018 was televised by ITV and drew 3 million viewers in the U.K.

According to Vanity Fair, ever since Princess Margaret married Anthony Armstrong-Jones in 1960, royal weddings have been televised even those smaller ceremonies without government involvement as was the case with Prince Edward’s wedding to Sophie, Countess of Wessex in 1998. So Beatrice’s not be televised has raised questions.

Jack Brooksbank and Princess Eugenie
Jack Brooksbank and Princess Eugenie | Pool/Max Mumby/Getty Images

Why Princess Beatrice’s wedding won’t be on TV

It’s understandable if the networks decided not to air the princess’ big day because of the bad press surrounding Prince Andrew following his disastrous Newsnight interview and his decision to step down from his royal duties. However, Vanity Fair noted that there’s another reason it won’t be broadcast.

When Eugenie’s affair was televised there was a ton of backlash since the British taxpayers had to cough of the money to fund the event as well as the security detail. The whole thing ended up costing £2 million. Many experts believe that the broadcasters don’t want that wave of criticism again for carrying Beatrice’s.

It has been stated that her wedding will be privately funded but nothing is set in stone yet as the plans have yet to be finalized.

Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson, and Princess Beatrice
Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson, and Princess Beatrice | Danny Lawson – WPA Pool/Getty Images

The princess’ royal wedding will be the last for many years to come

The fact that Beatrice’s wedding won’t be televised is sad news for royal fans who love to watch a prince or princess tie the knot in a lavish ceremony and ride off into the sunset for what everyone hopes will be their happily ever after.

In the past few years we’ve seen just that with William and Kate’s wedding, Harry and Meghan’s wedding, and Princess Eugenie’s wedding but Beatrice’s will be the last one royal wedding for many years to come. There’s also a strong possibility that it will be the final one Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip will be able to attend.

It’s no secret that the monarch and her husband are getting up there in age and since their other grandchildren and great-grandchildren are far too young to get married there won’t be any wedding bells in the near future. That said, the royal family matriarch and patriarch may not be around the next time there is a royal wedding. And for fans, we now know it will be a long time before we see another royal wedding broadcast on TV.

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