The Real Reason Rihanna Can’t Stand Jennifer Lopez

There are several celebrities who can’t stand Jennifer Lopez, but one of the biggest critics of the iconic singer is her peer, Rihanna. These two former friends had a serious falling out and according to Rihanna’s recent comments, she’s still not over it.

What exactly caused these two entertainers to hate each other so much? Turns out they were arguing for the oldest reason in the book — fighting over the same guy.

Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna
Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Clear Channel

It all started after Drake and Rihanna broke up

Before the feud began, Rianna and JLo were friendly to each other and had no reason for animosity. But trouble started brewing right after Rihanna and Drake broke up.

Drake and Rihanna had a summer fling in 2016 that was pretty casual, but it still mattered. And Rihanna didn’t take too kindly to her acquaintance Lopez stepping in and getting close with Drake right after their split.

As Nicki Swift reported, Drake was spotted making an appearance at one of Lopez’s concerts and then the two were spotted hugging. Fans quickly realized that Rihanna was out and Lopez was in.

Rihanna felt betrayed by Lopez

Every woman knows the first rule of girl code: you never, ever date a friend’s ex, especially without prior approval. An inside source dished to InTouch that Rihanna called Lopez a “traitor” for her actions and then retaliated publicly by unfollowing Lopez on Instagram.

Even if Rihanna wasn’t very serious with Drake, it didn’t make it acceptable for Lopez to step in and date him, at least not to Rihanna.

Lopez and Drake didn’t last long

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This drama all happened years ago and now Lopez is happily engaged to Alex Rodriguez. These days, Drake is the furthest person from her mind.

Meanwhile, Rihanna is rumored to be in a serious relationship with billionaire Hassan Jameel since 2017, though these two have been keeping their relationship mostly private. She did tell Vogue that she’s been “in an exclusive relationship for quite some time” and that “it’s going really well.”

So is Rihanna still mad at Lopez for stealing her man years ago? Well, maybe.

Rihanna is cordial but not friendly toward Lopez

Rihanna | Samir Hussein/WireImage

It’s not like Rihanna is throwing drinks in Lopez’s face at events or making public comments about her. But she is subtly shading her former friend in other ways. Apparently, the two were civil with each other at Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Oscar party in November. But Rihanna made a very interesting comment about Lopez’s upcoming Super Bowl 2020 performance.

When talking to Vogue about the halftime show, Rihanna said, “I just couldn’t be a sellout. I couldn’t be an enabler. There’s things within that organization [the NFL] that I do not agree with at all.” 

Did Rihanna basically just call Lopez a sellout? It’s sounding that way! Hopefully, these two can patch up their differences and get along, even if they did date the same guy once upon a time.