The Real Reason You Won’t Find Freddie Highmore On Instagram

We live in a world where we automatically think every notable person has an obligation to be on social media, including interacting with their fans. Far too many notables try to live up to that, but end up finding out the comment section on Instagram and replies on Twitter are infested with bottom-feeder trolls.

There’s a longer list of notables than you think who aren’t on social media, and let’s give them kudos for the rebellious refusal. One of those celebrities is The Good Doctor’s Freddie Highmore, outside of having registered accounts.

He has some specific reasons behind not posting on Instagram or Twitter. As esteemed as Highmore is as an actor, maybe he’s setting a precedent in only posting when you have something to say.

Yes, Highmore does have social media accounts open

Freddie Highmore
Freddie Highmore | Borja B. Hojas/COOLMedia/NurPhoto via Getty Images

One might wonder if Highmore does have intention to use social media eventually in some kind of intelligent way. He’s already thoughtful considering he’s a Cambridge University graduate. Regardless, he did take the time to open Instagram and Twitter accounts.

This doesn’t take away from him recently saying he doesn’t do any posting on social media because he wants to keep his life private. He says there’s a clear difference between having a professional and private life, something that can easily blur if you end up posting often on social media.

Of course, Twitter and Instagram can be beneficial for some. When you’re Freddie Highmore, there’s always the potential of saying something someone doesn’t agree with, hence fans turning on you. No doubt Highmore has seen what’s happened to other celebrities who put their digital feet in their mouths more than a few times.

It’s more than just distinguishing between private and professional with Highmore when it comes to social media. He’s credited staying away from posting as a purely psychological move.

Maintaining Highmore’s grounded persona

Nobody wants to see Highmore ever get in trouble for saying something off the cuff on social media. While many of us enjoy the freedom of open conversation there without filters, Highmore is far too admired to ever warrant his reputation being even slightly tarnished.

Despite no one being perfect, he still maintains a grounded personality we hope never changes. This might become more of a challenge as his superstardom grows past The Good Doctor and perhaps back into major movies.

According to Highmore himself, not posting on social media has helped him psychologically in staying grounded. Part of this involves him staying away from Los Angeles and living strictly in London.

With this, we see his deliberate attempts at not spoiling the pristine star he’s turned himself into. The question remains, though: Will Highmore ever use his registered social media accounts, or will they just sit empty?

Being present on social media without necessarily posting

There could be a great idea behind registering a social media account and never posting there officially. Since he did open accounts at Twitter and Instagram, it at least gives a symbolic look of being close with the public.

Doing this also gives him ability to sign in and see what people are saying about him on social media without having to say anything back. Testing the waters like this can help determine how many people out there are true, positive fans and which ones are just out to troll.

If you’ve been on Twitter or Instagram enough, the right fans can always make social media a pleasant experience. Stars attract people like themselves, which means some controversial celebrities have social media followers they sometimes deserve.

We’ll see what Highmore does with social media at a later time, if ever. With careful tactics (and hiring a social media management team), we’ve seen it can still be a positive experience in connecting with people who truly care.