‘The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles’ Cast Definitely Gets Real in Firey Trailer

The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles cast reunites on the heels of a successful (and wild reunion) with the original New York MTV cast. Similar to the New York homecoming, the Los Angeles cast takes over their previous digs, this time living in the same Venice Beach house where the series was shot in 1993. So who returned, who decided to sit this out and why does the trailer look like confrontation is on the way?

‘The Real World: Los Angeles’ cast are going to return to get real (once again)

The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles trailer shows several cast members gearing up for drama. “Let’s do this,” Tami Roman says. This is followed by Jon Brennan’s remark, “Oh my.” The confessionals are nothing compared to the apparent argument amongst the cast.

The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles cast returns for a reunion
The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles cast returns for a reunion |Paramount +

“You let me talk and stop f**king cutting me off, I shall return,” David Edwards says to the cast during a heated moment.

“We’re back!” Beth Stolarczyk declares.

Which full-time ‘The Real World: Los Angeles’ cast returned?

Unlike The Real World: New York cast, not all of the Los Angeles cast returned for the reunion. Beth Anthony, Beth Stolarczyk, David Edwards, Glen Naessens, Irene Berrera-Kearns, Jon Brennan, and Tami Roman are the only cast who returned for a reunion. Since 1993, many of the cast got married, had children, and returned to their regular lives after the series ended.

Brennan was the Christian country music singer and the youngest member of the house. He continued to pursue a career in music and is a “Pastor of Worship & Students” according to his Instagram bio. Stolarczyk went on to take part in MTV’s The Challenge All-Stars and is a mother.


Roman was an aspiring musician in the house. Her storyline was especially controversial in 1993 because she had an abortion while living the house. Roman went onto have an extremly successful career, acting in 49 films and television series, as well as reality shows Basketball Wives and Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Who from ‘Real World: Lost Angeles’ cast joined mid-season?

Berrera-Kearns was in a longtime relationship with her boyfriend Tim at the time and she also had a pretty intense day job as a Deputy Sheriff for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. She married Tim on the show during episode 11 and she left the house. She now has two children.

Anthony joined the cast mid-season after Berrera-Kearns got married and left the show. Anthony married her girlfriend after the season wrapped. Edwards was already a standup comedian when he arrived at the Venice Beach house. He later took part in The Challenge: Battle of the Sexes and appeared in films like Half Baked, and House Party 3. He is married and has a daughter. Edwards became the first cast member to be booted from a Real World house.


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Naessens came in to replace Edwards and instantly bonded with Anthony. He was the frontman of his grunge band Perch, who appeared in the 90s Gen X film, Reality Bites. He continued to act and eventually married and became a father.

Which cast members didn’t return?

Who didn’t return for the reunion? Dominic Griffin and Aaron Behle didn’t return. Griffin was an established writer, who was originally from Ireland. His black spikey hair was his signature trademark and it made him instantly recognizable.

Behle was the blonde California surfer who leaned conservative. He and Griffin shared and room and became close friends.

The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles will premiere on Wednesday, Nov. 24 on Paramount +