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The 1992 Real World: New York cast reunited 29 years later in the same loft but brought some new tastes when it came to food and cooking.

Gone are the days of twentysomethings happy to inhale pizzas and fries, replaced by middle-aged Gen Xers with a more refined palate. Some of the cast gathered for a virtual town hall hosted by Sway & Tracy G! where they dished about what it was like living under the same roof decades later. Heather B. Gardner revealed what she learned about what co-star Norman Korpi likes to eat when he’s hungover. But they also shared which cast member was pretty tough to please in the kitchen.

Julie Gentry and Heather B. Gardner from 'The Real World: New York' in 1992
Julie Gentry and Heather B. Gardner from ‘The Real World: New York’ in 1992 | Mario Ruiz/The LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images/Getty Images

Kevin Powell is a vegan and don’t forget it

Korpi joked that he shares a love of fish filet sandwiches with Gardner. “Norman, you ain’t supposed to be telling everything right now, you gotta save something!” Gardner laughed.

“OK, so one night it was bad,” Gardner recounted. “We were like hungover and something happened. And then, you know, Norman was like, I wanna fish filet. Are they two for [$5] yet? And I was like, oh, no, let’s get some fish filets going. So we go some fish filets. We learn that Eric [Nies] loves Italian food and Eric is like in the best shape that any of us with Eric was like, yo, I want the Italian, I want the dessert. So it was just fun.”

“Kevin is the worst to live with in terms of food,” Gardner added. “Super picky. Super vegan!” Kevin Powell gleefully yelled, “I’m a vegan!”

Julie Gentry recalled how Powell reminded the crew that he was a vegan on a regular (very regular) basis. “He said he was vegan like 5,000 times,” Gardner said. Powell totally agreed.

The cast loved being able to cook together

The cast shared that although they keep in touch, they hardly share the same physical space. Being physically together is what helped the cast re-learn about each other too. “Heather got to cook a lot this time,” Gentry observed. “And usually we do see one another, but we’re not in a setting where you would really be cooking. And yeah, we all see Heather cook so much on Instagram that it was awesome to get to be in the same space and be like, yeah, I want a bite of that. Yeah. So that was super fun, you know.”

“And then the other thing like, again, we do see one another, but not in this kind of setting,” Gentry continued. “Getting to see Andre [Comeau] be a dad and a husband is the cutest thing you’ll ever see in your life.”


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“So that’s just really tender and sweet and something that who knew that that would be another chapter in his life that we would all get to watch,” she added.

The Real World Homecoming: New York begins streaming on March 4 on Paramount+.