‘The Real World Homecoming’ Producers Step in After Tami and David’s Explosive Fight – and Tami’s Husband Arrives

MTV‘s The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles producers intervened because tensions in the house became worrisome after Tami Roman and David Edwards’ fight spiraled out of control.

The dispute began over Edwards’ reaction to a conversation about racism. Roman called out two white cast members for using the N-word, while Edwards, who is Black sat nearby and said nothing. In a recent episode, he told Roman he disagreed with how she handled the incident. From there, the conversation unraveled to the point where Roman called her husband – who arrived to angrily confront Edwards.

Why did ‘The Real World Homecoming’ producers step in?

Edwards walked around the house, telling someone on the phone that he was going to rip off Roman’s wig and making aggressive remarks about her hair. Meanwhile, she said she planned to call her husband, Reggie Youngblood. Apparently, Roman called her boyfriend in 1993 when Edwards antagonized her too.

The Real World Homecoming's Tami Roman appeared on Celebrity Wife Swap and David Edwards on tour at Beacon Theatre in New York City
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“It’s about to go down and it’s not going to be good,” Beth Stolarczyk said to other cast members while they sat nearby looking extremely concerned. Finally, executive producer Kevin Lee arrived. He suggested that Edwards temporarily step out of the house. “Hang up let’s go for a walk,” Lee said to Edwards. “We’re not gonna have any fights.”

The Real World Homecoming flashed back to the same house in 1993 when showrunner George Verschoor is seen telling Edwards he needs to leave the house. He took Edwards outside to talk. Edwards was kicked out of the house. “Tonight I think it’s best you find another place to stay or we can provide you a hotel,” Verschoor told Edwards. “But I cannot allow this to keep going.”

Tami Roman’s husband complicated the situation

“You can share your point of view, you can give your opinion without getting mad which is what you did,” Lee told Edwards at the beach. “Then you’re on the phone with your friend –.” Edwards said he was talking to his daughter’s mother adding that she was upset with how Roman treated him – once again.

While Edwards told Lee the women in his house were enraged with Roman’s treatment of him, Roman’s husband arrived. Youngblood looked heated as he stormed into the house demanding that Edwards show himself. Producers looked worried as Youngblood told them to put their cameras down.

When Youngblood realized that Edwards was not in the house he decided to sit outside of the house and wait until he returned to the house. “David disappeared,” Glen Naessens said. “He’s lucky he disappeared.”

Youngblood was furious but determined to confront Edwards. The rest of the cast was visibly shaken. The tension was so overwhelming that Beth Anthony decided to tell her son not to come to the house to visit that day because the environment was too charged.

Did David get kicked out of ‘The Real World’ house again?

History did not repeat itself and Edwards returned to the house. But producers did not feel comfortable with his return as long as Youngblood was determined to confront him. Roman tried to tell Youngblood to let it go but it took another producer to talk to him about letting it go.


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“Right now we’re going to bring David back to the house, ” executive producer James Knox told Roman. But added that they can’t escort Edwards in as long as Youngblood sat outside ready to fight him.

Knox and Roman approached Youngblood and explained why now was not the time to get into another altercation. Thankfully Youngblood decided to leave but was still clearly upset.

The cast then discussed how they could move forward with Edwards. Roman said “I think that the road we took the first time where we voted him out of the house. Maybe there was another way to handle that.”

How does The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles cast handle the situation and does Edwards stay?