‘The Real World: New York’: Andre Comeau Felt ‘Slighted’ Becky Blasband Never Answered His Text Messages

Andre Comeau from MTV‘s The Real World: New York admits he felt slighted when Becky Blasband never answered his text messages after she left the loft.

Blasband departed from the reunion series, The Real World Homecoming: New York when she felt that the cast attacked her. She and Kevin Powell reignited their heated discussion about race after producers replayed their 1992 discussion for the group. The entire cast was stunned when suddenly Blasband bounced and Comeau said he repeatedly tried to contact her.

The Real World: New York cast reunites for The Real World Homecoming: New York
The Real World: New York cast reunites for The Real World Homecoming: New York | Photo courtesy Paramount+

Andre Comeau took Becky Blasband’s silence personally

Julie Gentry revealed she made contact with Blasband and was going to meet up with her. The rest of the cast, with the exception of Heather B. Gardner, shared they messaged Blasband but received no response.

Comeau said he messaged Blasband off camera and was frustrated she did not reply to any of his messages. He told People TV‘s Daryn Carp he eventually spoke with Blasband and has actually had a few discussions with her.

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“I talked with Becky,” he said. “She and I have had a few discussions since she left the loft. I let her know everything that I’m saying now I let her know. I told her that I would have done it differently.” He added that he wished she would have approached the situation differently and returned. He also wished she would have answered their repeated texts and calls.

“Because in my case, I took it personally that she didn’t answer my calls and I felt slighted by that,” he admitted. “I mean, I understand her position, that she felt damaged by the experience.”

Becky Blasband and Andre Comeau didn’t reconnect until after production ended

Comeau shared that while he and Blasband did end up talking, it wasn’t until after filming ended.

“But still, when I called her and texted her, it was off-camera and it was more of a, hey, I’m looking out for you, call me back,” he continued. “And she didn’t call me back until, you know, the production was over. I let her know, hey, you should have called me back because I took it personally. And she was like, you know, we’re not friends anymore. She announced to everyone. And I could tell that it was a hurt person acting out and acting defensively. But still, I mean, that’s not, again, the way that mature people behave.”

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Norman Korpi was another cast member who was personally hurt by the fallout. Korpi and Blasband developed a close friendship when they met in 1992. That friendship grew and remained strong through the years, which is why Korpi was especially stunned when Blasband left the loft.

“Wait, does she not want us to communicate with her because I’ve tried to text her and heard nothing,” Korpi said during a recent episode. “This really even hurts me more that she’s here [in New York].”

Korpi was especially frustrated when Blasband replied to Gentry and not him. “She has the power to walk in the door and show up woman. I could care a flying f**k about her,” he said. “I’m not talking about her in a confessional or anything. Zip. This is it. She’s done.”