‘The Real World: New York’: Becky Blasband Claims John Lennon’s Ghost Was the 8th Roommate

The Real World: New York was supposed to be the true story of seven strangers picked to live in a loft, but apparently, 29 years later the cast learns there was an eighth roommate. A dead eighth roommate.

Season 1 cast member Becky Blasband dropped a bomb that music icon John Lennon’s ghost was living in the loft the entire season. Apparently, Lennon wanted his MTV and was having FOMO from the grave. But does the cast buy it? Blasband is certain Lennon was in the building.

Becky Blasband, Andre Comeau, Heather B. Gardner, Julie Gentry, Norman Korpi, Eric Nies and Kevin Powell from 'The Real World: New York'
Becky Blasband, Andre Comeau, Heather B. Gardner, Julie Gentry, Norman Korpi, Eric Nies and Kevin Powell from ‘The Real World: New York’ | Photo courtesy of Viacom

Becky Blasband revealed she contacted John Lennon before ‘The Real World: New York’

During an evening of sharing, Blasband decided to reveal that she’d been hanging out with Lennon’s ghost throughout season 1 in 1992. Blasband recounted channeling Lennon in 1987 during college. “So we were like, let’s pick up that Ouija board just for fun,” she told the cast during the latest episode of The Real World Homecoming: New York. “We ended up talking to a musician who had died. And we said who is it. And he said it’s John Lennon.”

At first, Blasband admitted that she didn’t believe it. But eventually, she shared a connection with Lennon and added, “This was the beginning of a very, very long journey.” Meanwhile, as Blasband spoke, Heather B. Gardner started burning sage in the loft.

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“He basically showed up again a couple of years later and said I’m going to teach you a few things about songwriting,” she shared with the cast who looked a little freaked out.

“I have no stakes in whether it was really John Lennon or not,” Blasband said in a confessional. “He wasn’t my idol. He was a person in my mind. It was a safe place for both of us to just create.”

Was John Lennon on ‘The Real World: New York’?

“Is he here now?” Gardner asked while half laughing. “Becky you can’t be scaring me.”

While Blasband said Lennon was not present at the time, he was present during season 1. Never before seen footage shows Blasband playing with the Ouija board in the loft. “Every now and then, he would drop in and I would know,” she said. “And I was very, very proud of the experience and was honored.”

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Although Blasband said the connection she had with Lennon was deep, his spirit finally left her. “Yeah, he left in 2002,” she remarked. “He wrote me a little song thanking me and expressing his love. And I haven’t come out with it because, you know, I’m shy.”

A few cast members weighed in on the revelation in confessionals, pretty unsure about what Blasband experienced. “I don’t know if it is appropriate for a roommate not to tell you that she’s having a male visitor on the regular in your bedroom,” Julie Gentry joked. “I mean, I should have known that!” Andre Comeau said, “Not only do I not believe in ghosts, I don’t think that John Lennon’s ghost would have anything to do with you, Becky!”

But Eric Nies understood where Blasband was coming from, sharing he’s been in touch with the spirit world.

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