‘The Real World: New York’ Shocker: Becky Blasband Leaves the Show After Arguing With Kevin Powell

Becky Blasband from MTV‘s The Real World: New York left the show after an argument with Kevin Powell, citing she no longer wanted to participate in the series reunion.

The dispute between Blasband and Powell last week continued into the current episode of The Real World Homecoming: New York. It became readily apparent that Blasband’s effort to prove to Powell she wasn’t a racist created a situation where she became completely tone-deaf to his message. The more he tried to explain his position, the more defensive she became finally prompting close friend Norman Korpi to beg her to stop speaking.

'The Real World: New York' Cast reunion
‘The Real World: New York’ Cast reunion | Photo courtesy of Paramount+

Norman Korpi tries to intervene, but it is too late

Blasband seemed to shut down once Korpi got involved. Powell and other cast members tried to get Blasband to see how talking about her travels to Europe and her home in France came off elitist. Finally, because it appeared that Blasband wasn’t seeing the point, Korpi gets real.

Korpi was seated between Powell and Blasband and expressed concern with how the dispute will appear on the show. “Think about you in the next three months when this hits the television set,” Korpi sternly told Blasband. “Think about that! What you are saying … you’re not listening!”

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His remarks came from a place of love, trying to prevent Blasband from coming off entitled and elitist. “1992 … 2021,” Korpi said in a confessional about the conversation. Blasband and Powell only got into the debate about race because producers played a clip of their disagreement about race in 1992. “All back together again.”

Adding, “No one knows how to stop this ride. And it’s just getting uglier. I’m at my breaking point. This has been happening all summer. We’re going through a Black Lives Matter moment. We’re going through these points where people won’t listen to each other. And this thing called ‘Karen’ is showing up and I am seeing this. And I have a genuine concern for Becky.”

Becky Blasband has left the building

Korpi gets heated about making his point finally telling Blasband to “shut up.” While other cast members like Eric Nies tried to bring the conversation back to a place of peace, Blasband seemed wounded. Even Powell tried a gentler approach but Blasband retreated.

Julie Gentry followed Blasband and tried to comfort her behind closed doors. “I feel really used,” Blasband is heard saying. That’s when Gentry told producers to back off and stop filming. “I just don’t want to do this,” Blasband is heard telling Gentry.

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While the cast joked about how Blasband might leave the loft, she shocked everyone when she walked to the door, bags packed. “I don’t want to be part of this anymore,” Blasband blankly told her friends. “It’s not real.”

Korpi asked her if their friendship was real. “Nope,” she sniped after yawning. “Not anymore.”

“I figured we’re gonna get through this,” Korpi said in a confessional. “We’re a strong cast. And then the next thing I knew, like bags were coming out. She was walking to the door. And it hurt me.”

Does Blasband return to finish the reunion? Stay tuned. The Real World Homecoming: New York is currently streaming on Paramount +.