‘The Real World’s’ Trishelle Cannatella and ‘MAFS’ Christina Are Beefing on Instagram

Married at First Sight fans are already making their predictions on which couples from the New Orleans cast will make it beyond Decision Day. One couple that fans find to be an awkward pairing are Henry and Christina. 

MAFS Henry and Christina
MAFS Henry and Christina | Lady Portrait & Wedding Photography

Henry’s friends are also not on board, including The Real World alum Trishelle Cannatella. Christina and Cannatella have been beefing on Instagram as a result of recent episodes. Cannatella accuses Christina of lying about having a home.

Fans find Christina’s living situation puzzling

When viewers first met Christina, the camera captured her at what appeared to be her stunning home in New Orleans. The flight attendant told her husband during their wedding night that she lived in the heart of New Orleans.

But when it came time for the newlyweds to check out each other’s respective homes, Christina’s living situation became unclear. Fans watched as Christina toured Henry’s studio apartment. Christina joked about Henry’s small bachelor pad equipped with only ice and frozen hot pockets in his freezer. 

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When it was Christina’s turn to take Henry to her place, she shocked Henry by telling him that she had her boxes already packed up in her car and ready for move in to their temporary apartment. According to her, all of her belongings were in storage and the essentials she needs are kept in her car.

Henry appeared confused but said nothing. Christina also offered no explanation during her confessionals. Fans believe Christina to be disinterested in showing Henry her home and made their opinions known on social media. Others begged for clarity on Christina’s living situation.

“Christina “some may say Henry lives in a tiny home.” Ma’am, where is your home,” one Twitter user asked. 

Others made fun of Christina’s lack of home.

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Trishelle Cannatella blasts Christina over her living situation, Christina explains her lifestyle

Christina is not getting offended by the viewer’s questions regarding her current living situation. Heavy reports that Christina is clarifying her lifestyle in Instagram responses to fans and attributes her lack of a permanent home to being a flight attendant.

“I’m a flight attendant and work a full schedule,” she writes to one fan. “I have stuff all over this country, some in storage, some at my mom’s house. I even have some stuff still at an old crash pad in Minneapolis. I don’t expect for anyone to understand that doesn’t live a single, flight attendant life. It wouldn’t have made sense to me either before I started this profession.”

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But Henry’s close friend is calling Christina’s bluff. Cannatella claims Christina is a liar, shooting back in the comment section of Instgram to what she considers to be a bogus explanation on Christina’s part.

“Christina you straight up LIED,” Trishelle writes. “You told people in detail about the condo you currently have in the CBD when you didn’t and you knew you were currently homeless and moving into your mom’s house and had a spare room in an Airbnb. Also, my husband is a pilot and was full time with Delta before he met me and always had a place he lived and paid rent. I have plenty of flight attendant friends who have apartments at their home base even if they commute. I’m sorry but you straight up lied.”

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