‘The Reality House’ Season 2 Episode 2: Fans Call Taylor Blake out for Objectifying Comments Towards Lena Nersesian

Lena “Lena the Plug” Nersesian is already becoming a fan-favorite of The Reality House Season 2 because of her hilarious personality and a situation where she rubbed her microphone in a failed attempt to thwart her words. Viewers also seem to like Taylor Blake but admitted her objectifying comments towards Lena the Plug during The Reality House Season 2 Episode 2 made them uncomfortable.

The Reality House Season 2 Episode 2
JC Caylen and Kian Lawley | Alberto E. Rodriguez

What happened in ‘The Reality House’ Season 2 Episode 2 so far?

When the 12 social media stars first arrived at the house, they immediately had to compete in a purge challenge where they needed to find a bean in a tub filled with flour.

Then, the contestant had to pop one of ten balloons, and if it contained flour, they moved on. If it didn’t, the social media star had to go back, find another bean, and try again.

The last two competitors to not complete the challenge had to go home without ever moving into the house. Unfortunately, Yousef “Fouseytube” Erakat and Brittany “Kombucha girl” Broski were unable to find a bean and subsequently eliminated.

In the second episode, Manny MUA, Teala Dunn, and Harrison went outside to strategize with each other. They all wanted to eliminate a person whose name begins with the letter “T.”

Other than Teala, Taylor Blake, and Tabatha Lawley are the only other competitors they could be referring to. Meanwhile, Kenny Knox and Ryan Abe drunkenly shook on a Final Two. However, Ryan then allied with Manny and Harrison, and titled their new trio, RHM.

For their first challenge, Wet Welay Wace, the contestants had to spin around on a bat three times. Then, they fished for a goldfish at the bottom of a glass jar and hung it up.

For the next step, the contestants walked to the opposite side with a spoon in their mouth balancing an egg, before dropping the egg off in a glass. Finally, they jumped in the pool to clock their time.

Teala and Harrison, who Kenny accused of falsely accused of cheating, completed the challenge the fastest, and Taylor and Kenny had the slowest times.

Therefore, the former were safe from elimination, whereas the latter two were on the hot seat. After Tabatha rubbed people the wrong way, she received eight votes to go into elimination against Taylor.

For the guys, the majority voted in Imari presumably because he doesn’t seem to talk to anyone. The episode ended with Tabatha, Taylor, Kenny, and Imari up for elimination. 

Fans say Taylor Blake’s comment towards Lena Nersesian made them uncomfortable

After the challenge, everyone wanted to continue to get to know each other better. Taylor, Teala, Harrison, and Ryan were in the hot tub, and Lena, “Lena the Plug” Nersesian, joined them.

Once she entered the bathroom, Taylor began asking the YouTuber to turn around so she can “see it.” Lena completely ignored Taylor, but she continued, which made viewers “uncomfortable.”

Using the designated #RHS2 hashtag, several viewers complained about Taylor’s comments, which they likened to harassment, and noted it would be a problem if a guy said the same thing.

Taylor also hit on Andrea, and even though she didn’t seem to mind, viewers called the behavior “creepy.” So far, no one from the show has commented on the situation.