‘The Reality House’ Season 2 Episode 1: Which Influencers Already Went Home?

The Reality House is back by popular demand with Kian and JC as the hosts. In the YouTube series, 12 social media stars live together and compete in challenges. The last remaining contestant standing wins $50,000, which is double the prize money from Season 1. Who is in the cast of The Reality House Season 2, and which two influencers already went home?

The Reality House Season 2
Kian Lawley (R) and JC Caylen | Gabriel Olsen

‘The Reality House’ Season 2 cast

Andrea Russett 3.03M subscribers

The 24-year-old YouTuber and actress went viral in 2009, at the age of 14, for a music video she submitted to meet Justin Bieber. Three years later, she became the youngest nationally syndicated radio host in the country. Since 2014 Russett has appeared in a few movies, including teen comedy Expelled and Lovesick. In 2019, the actress came out as bisexual.

Taylor Blake 279K followers

The 27-year-old Instagram star became known after frequently posting on her account, which detailed her daily life. She also has a YouTube channel that features her famous spoken word poem, Boys Will Be Boys, and only one other video titled “Car Rides with Tay.” She identifies as a lesbian and made headlines when she asked Josie Paine to be her girlfriend using a daily journal.


Kenny Knox 865K followers

The 22-year-old Instagram star got his start with the now-defunct Vine app. He started posting videos in 2014 and gained popularity after collaborating with other known Viners, including dopeisland, MeechOnMars, and ObeyDario. He also has a YouTube channel where he posts weekly videos of skits and other short-form entertainment videos. In five years, his channel has grown to almost 300,000 subscribers.

Tabatha Lawley 39.3K followers

The 25-year-old is the older sister of YouTube star, Kian Lawley, and got her start on Instagram in 2012. She rapidly gained thousands of followers and started a YouTube channel in 2016. In March 2019, the Instagram star gave birth to her first child, a son named Hudson.


Ryan Abe 576K subscribers

The 29-year-old social media star first joined YouTube nearly ten years ago. He started with a skits channel and then began posting more personal content. Abe is currently a part of the collaborative SDK even though he also has his own very successful channel. His mother passed away after a battle with cancer when he was 16-years-old, and he had to convince his father that making YouTube videos was productive and beneficial. 

Imari Stuart 221K followers

The 21-year-old rose to fame after appearing in several of YouTube star Tana Mongeau’s videos. He then created his own channel in 2016, and Mongeau debuted in his first video. His YouTube success translated to Instagram, where he currently boasts of over 240,000 followers.


Teala Dunn 3M followers

The 23-year-old landed her first acting role at the age of six on Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit. She continued appearing in television shows, including Wonder Pets, Queens Supreme, and The Naked Brothers Band, before she joined YouTube at the age of 13. Dunn then landed a leading role in the television adaption for Are We There Yet? The actress continues to act and frequently uploads to her million followers on her YouTube channel.

Harrison Webb 669K subscribers

The 22-year-old British star joined YouTube in May 2011, where he began posting parody music videos and funny challenges. He currently collaborates with his brother Anderson on YouTube under the name “Webb Brothers.”

Manuel Gutierrez (Manny MUA) 4.76M subscribers

The 28-year-old is a successful make-up artist and beauty blogger. He became the first male brand ambassador for Maybelline and founded cosmetics line Lunar Beauty. Before pursuing a career in beauty, Manny aspired to become a plastic surgeon. The star currently has over 4 million followers on both YouTube and Instagram.

Lena Nersesian (Lena the Plug) 2.5M followers

The 28-year-old social media star rose to fame after appearing in adult scenes with her boyfriend, hip hop podcaster Adam “Adam 22” Grandmaison. She then started a YouTube channel in 2016, where she vlogs her daily life and thoughts and amassed over a million followers. Even though Lena dated a woman for a few years and does sexual things with females in her adult clips, she does not consider herself bisexual.

Which influencers went home on ‘The Reality House’ Episode 1?

For their first challenge, the contestants had to search buckets filled with flour and find one bean. Then, they had to give the bean to Kian and JC to receive a thumb-tack to pop one of ten balloons.

If the balloon contained flour, the contestant is one of the ten people who get to move in the house. If the balloon does not contain any flour, they must run back and find another bean. The last male and female contestants are eliminated and are unable to go into the house.

Unfortunately, Brittany “Kombucha girl” Broski and Yousef “Fouseytube” Erakat could not find a bean, and they were the first two contestants purged from the competition.