‘The Red Sleeve’ to Air Lunar New Year Special and What Fans Can Expect From The Cast

Fans of the Korean drama The Red Sleeve starring Lee Junho and Lee Se-young will get a special treat to celebrate the Lunar New Year. MBC announced the K-drama‘s main cast would return for a special talk show to discuss everything related to the hit drama and everything in between.

The new special is in response to The Red Sleeve‘s grand success on cable television and streaming platforms. Fans fell in love with the historical and turbulent love story between a future king and his court maid.

Main actors for 'The Red Sleeve' K-drama special with Deok-im looking over Yi San's shoulder
Main actors for ‘The Red Sleeve’ K-drama special | via MBC

‘The Red Sleeve’ K-drama sent fans through a whirlwind of emotions

2PM idol and actor Lee Junho starred as Yi San, a prince and future king based on a real historical figure. He co-starred alongside actor Lee Se-young who played the role of royal court maid Deok-im. In the Joseon era, Deok-im and Yi San’s fate was intertwined since childhood.

Prince Yi San grew up under his grandfather’s control and harsh emotions. His grandfather, the king, murdered his father. He initially meets Deok-im under false pretense. She believes he is the prince’s eunuch. When she uncovers the truth, they begin a complex and disastrous love.

While Yi San is honest with his feelings for Deok-im, she vows to protect the freedom she has created for herself. She promises to protect him no matter the cost but never wants to become his concubine. In the midst of their feelings, they battle palace politics and evil lurking in the shadows.

The Red Sleeve’s K-drama main cast astounded fans with their acting, which led to a heartbreaking finale.

MBC will air a special program with ‘The Red Sleeve’ main cast

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Accorsing to Soompi, MBC originally announced on Jan. 15 the main cast of The Red Sleeve would reunite for Lunar New Year. The announcement reported the main stars Junho and Lee would return alongside the other cast members and Lee Deok-hwa.

The cast “will be gathering in one place again to talk about a wide variety of things.” Singer Jang Yoon-jung, Do Kyung-wan, and Hwang Kwanghee will serve as the special’s MCs.

According to Soompi, on Jan.17, MBC announced more details regarding the special event. The event will showcase behind-the-scenes videos, bloopers, and fan-favorite scenes. Fans will also get to submit questions to ask The Red Sleeve cast.

“The cast will also showcase a new side to their chemistry that wasn’t shown in the drama while playing a game together,” said Soompi. MBC released two new edited posters for the event with the tagline “I still could not let you go.” Fans will get to see more of their favorite actors from The Red Sleeve K-drama.

When will the K-drama special air?

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MBC planned the upcoming special to air for the Lunar New Year holiday. The filming involving the main cast and MCs will take place on Jan.20. MBC initially did not report an official date of air time for The Red Sleeve special. The network announced its official date and air time a few days later.

Holding on to The Red Sleeve will air on January 31 at 11:10 p.m. KST. For international fans, the time frame is 9:10 AM EST. While South Koreas can watch the special on television, news of how international fans will get to watch the special is still unknown.