‘The Red Sleeve’: Lee Junho’s and the Main Cast’s Most Accredited K-Dramas in Their Career

Korean drama fans are more than capable of recognizing multiple South Korean actors across different dramas. The tvN K-drama, The Red Sleeve, stars popular actors and a K-pop idol. Lee Junho rose to popularity as a member of 2PM and stars as Yi San in the historical romance K-drama. The cast of The Red Sleeve includes veteran actor Jang Hye-jin and Lee Se-young as the female lead.

'The Red Sleeve' main cast wearing Joseon era clothing.
‘The Red Sleeve’ main cast and male characters | via MBC

Oh Dae-hwan starred in ‘Room No. 9’ and more tvN K-dramas

Before his starring role as Yi San’s personal guard in The Red Sleeve, Oh Dae-hwan played the role of Song Joon-sun in Once Again. The Korean actor has had an impressive television career since 2015. His first K-drama role was Ma Chang-soo in MBC’s Queen’s Flower.

In 2017, Oh played the role of Cheon Pil-jae aka Bundle in the accredited legal K-drama Innocent Defendant. For the fantasy mystery K-drama Room No. 9, Oh played a minor role as an investigator.

Jang Hye-jin is recognised for an award-winning film and K-dramas like ‘True Beauty’

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Actor Jang Hye-jin gained worldwide fame in 2019 as family matriarch Kim Chung-sook in the Oscar-winning movie Parasite. K-drama fans knew her from various dramas besides her main cast role as Court Lady Seo in The Red Sleeve. In 2019, she starred as Park Young-sim in the crime-romance K-drama, When the Camelia Blooms.

She appeared as the main character’s mother in Netflix’s Crash Landing on You the same year. For fans of teen romance K-dramas, Jang starred in Twitter’s most searched K-drama True Beauty as matriarch Hong Hyun-sook. While The Red Sleeve aired on tvN and Viki, Jang also stars in Netflix’s original drama A Reflection of You.

Kang Hoon plays the prince’s teacher in ‘The Red Sleeve’ main cast

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The Red Sleeve’s Kang Hoon is a relatively new actor. He played Heong Deok-ro, the prince’s closest adviser and friend in the K-drama. But behind his seemingly kind demeanor, he hides his cold personality. The actor played a role in the 2021 Netflix K-drama You Are My Spring as Kang Tae-jung.

In 2019, Kang played the supporting role of Hyeon Kyeong-mook in the historical K-drama Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung starring K-pop idol and actor Cha Eun-woo.

Lee Se-young started her career as a child actor leading to her main cast role in ‘The Red Sleeve’

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Fans have become enamored with Lee Se-young as the royal court lady Seong Deok-im in The Red Sleeve. According to Soompi, Lee “impresses with her elegant appearance and versatile acting abilities.” The actor has enamored fans from a young age as a child actor.

Her most acclaimed K-dramas include starring as Han Gyeo-wool in the supernatural drama A Vampire Detective. She gained more fame in the human and non-human K-drama A Korean Odyssey by the Hong sisters. In 2019, she played the role of Kang Shi-young in Doctor John. Before The Red Sleeve, she starred in Memorist and Kairos.

Lee Junho rose to fame as an idol in 2PM before becoming a breakthrough K-drama actor

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Long-time fans of K-pop know the words of ‘Heartbeat’ by 2PM. Actor Lee Junho is a main vocal for the boy group and made his acting debut in 2016 in the K-drama Memory as Jung Jin. A year later, he starred as Seo Yul in the workplace K-drama Good Manager.

Lee became a breakthrough actor in romance K-dramas after playing the role of Lee Kang-doo in Just Between Lovers. Fans followed his career into another romance drama, Wok of Love. Before joining the main cast of The Red Sleeve, he starred in Confession as Choi Do-hyun.

K-drama fans applaud Lee for his role in The Red Sleeve as the future king Yi San. His character harbors anguish as his grandfather, the king, murdered his father. He grows up under the tension and scrutiny of his role as a future ruler. He finds love and companionship with his court lady, who refuses to become a concubine.