The ‘Scott’s Tots’ Episode From ‘The Office’ Is Still the Most Uncomfortable 20 Minutes of Television, Ever

The Office was one of the most popular shows on television — there is really no denying that. While it may not have had huge ratings, the show had a pretty impressive fan base and still does to this day.

With nine seasons and 201 episodes, it is safe to say that The Office kept millions of people entertained. Now that it is no longer in production, fans enjoy binge-watching the show on Netflix, and we have to say that we can’t blame them!

This particular show is always good for a laugh, and it is one of those reliable series that fans absolutely love seeing over and over again. Like any show, The Office had good episodes as well as not so good ones. Everyone has a favorite and most fans even go around quoting some of the most popular and humorous lines from the show.

However, there is one episode that didn’t sit so well with viewers. Here’s why the ‘Scott’s Tots‘ episode from The Office is still the most uncomfortable 20 minutes of television ever. 

What was the episode about in the first place?

Steve Carell as Michael Scott on NBC's 'The Office.'
Steve Carell as Michael Scott on NBC’s ‘The Office.’ | Justin Lubin/NBCU Photo Bank

Just in case anyone happened to miss it, let’s discuss what took place in this particular episode of The Office.

It revolves around a situation in which Michael Scott (Steve Carell) once promised a group of students in the 3rd grade that he would foot the bill for their college tuition. After all, he had just about 10 years before he actually had to make good on that promise, which is a pretty long time not to have to worry.

According to Collider, during this episode, that same group of students is now approaching their high school graduation, and Michael has to break the news that he is not able to actually finance their higher education. That sounds bad enough, doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t end there.

Add in the fact that when Michael visits the school to talk to the students, they do a dance that they choreographed just for him. Also included is one of the most awkward songs that we can imagine, attesting to the fact that the students felt that Michael had really given them a major opportunity.

There is a plaque on the classroom door bearing his name, further proving that he has been their hero for almost a decade. And, to top it off, everyone in the entire class is wearing a t-shirt with Michael’s name on it. 

The episode is totally cringeworthy

It is a well-known fact that The Office was based on uncomfortable situations, somehow making them laughable, but this episode may have missed the mark. In fact, Bustle reports that there is a scientific reason that ‘Scott’s Tots’ was so poorly received

The storyline is so heart-wrenching that many fans just can’t bear to watch — and there are even some who have admitted to turning the television off before the episode was even over. Even more, there are people who reported feeling physically ill upon watching, reporting that the episode just got worse as the minutes went by.

The ‘Scott’s Tots’ episode is still the most uncomfortable 20 minutes of television ever

So, is this episode really that bad? According to The New York Times, it definitely is! It is just so difficult for fans to watch.

And, in addition, it has caused anxiety for some viewers. Michael betrayed a group of innocent children in such a way that, even though it is a fictional storyline, still makes millions of people really uncomfortable to see. Although this wasn’t exactly our favorite episode, we have to say that we love The Office, however, we wish we could forget about this one.