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The Secret Life And Tragic Death Of Natalie Wood

A newly discovered audio interview is shedding light on the secret life and tragic death of Natalie Wood. The new audio is featured in a new documentary called 'Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood,' and includes a memoir from the actress herself, detailing her life behind the screens and relationship with Robert Wagner.

A newly discovered audio interview is shedding light on the secret life and tragic death of Natalie Wood. The audio is featured in a new documentary called Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood, and includes a memoir from the actress herself, detailing her life behind the scenes and relationship with Robert Wagner.

Natalie Wood
Natalie Wood | Photo by Saxon/IMAGES/Getty Images

Natalie Wood opens up about her marriage

In the interview, Wood explained how she was raised with traditional family values, unlike many celebrities in Hollywood. One of her big goals in life was to get married and start a family of her own, which she did for a brief moment. She went into great detail about the evening Wagner proposed and admitted that they were a perfect match on the outside.

“I spotted something glittering at the bottom of my champagne glass: a diamond and pearl ring. The Inscription said: Marry me,” Natalie Wood recalled. “Looking at it from the outside we must’ve seemed like the American Dream, we were both attractive, and successful so what could possibly be wrong?”

It may have looked like they had a blissful marriage, but things were very different behind closed doors. Wagner was well known for having a hot temper, and their fairy-tale marriage ended tragically in the fall of 1981 when Wood drowned while onboard the couple’s yacht. Splendor.

Wagner has remained silent about his wife’s death over the years and famously refused to talk to police. The new audio, however, offers a glimpse at what their marriage was really like behind the scenes.

Inside Natalie Wood’s tragic death

On the night of her shocking death, Wood was accompanied by her husband and Christopher Walken, her co-star in the film Brainstorm. At the time, Wagner claimed that the actress retired to her cabin at around 10:45. A little while later, Walken went in to talk to Wood and found her missing.

According to Us Magazine, Wood’s body was discovered the following morning, floating face down in the water a mile away from the boat. Wood was wearing a nightgown and a red coat at the time of her death.

Natalie Wood’s tragic passing remains a mystery to this day, though fans have long suspected that her death was no accident. Following the new documentary, investigators believe there may have been foul play involved in her demise. There is no telling who may have been involved in the death, but Wagner is believed to be a person of interest.

Wood’s Hollywood career cut short

Before her tragic passing, Natalie Wood was one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. She started her career as a child star and rose to stardom as the skeptical girl, Susan Walker, in the popular film, Miracle on 34th Street. She went on to star in a number of high-profile roles, including parts in West Side Story, Rebel Without a Cause, Love With a Proper Stranger, and Splendor in the Grass. By the time she hit 25 years old, Wood had already received three Academy Award nominations for Best Actress.

With no evidence to go on, police characterized her death in 1981 as an accidental drowning. The coroner in Los Angeles, Thomas Noguchi, found a few bruises on Wood’s legs and arms, which she probably sustained at the moment of death.

Natalie Wood’s funeral was attended by some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Rock Hudson, Gregory Peck, Laurence Olivier, and Frank Sinatra.

Lana Wood drops a bombshell about Wood’s death

During an appearance on Dr. Phil, Lana Wood opened up about her sister’s death and revealed that she suspects Wagner is hiding something. Lana believes that Wagner likely knocked Wood out and dumped her body in the ocean. She also criticized investigators for how they handled the case and is still angry with the fact that Wagner refuses to cooperate with detectives.

Lana is not alone in her suspicions. Dennis Davern, who was the yacht’s skipper on that fatal night, also believes Wagner is responsible for Wood’s death. In his interview with Phil McGraw, Davern said that he thinks Wagner flat out murdered Wood and claims to have heard them arguing just prior to her death.

When he went to the deck to investigate, Wagner was all alone. He then told Davern that Wood was missing and to get help. He also allegedly told the skipper to tell the police that Wood slipped off the yacht and fell into the ocean.

Natalie Wood’s mysterious death remains an open case to this day.