The Shocking Reason Sharon Osbourne Fired Her Assistant Has Fans Outraged

Sharon Osbourne first rose to fame as the wife of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne. Over the years, she has also built a name for herself as a television personality.

Osbourne has been a judge on the British version of The X Factor as well as America’s Got Talent. Since 2010, Osbourne has also been a host on CBS’s The Talk.

While Osbourne has become a star in her own right, she is not always well-received in the media. The 67-year-old is sometimes known for saying and doing outrageous things that leave people appalled.

Recently, Osbourne found herself in hot water for the way she treated her assistant, and many fans were outraged. Read on below to find out what Osbourne did that got a lot of people criticizing her.

Sharon Osbourne made an assistant go into her burning house

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On an episode of the British TV show Would I Lie to You?, Osbourne shared that when her house caught on fire once, she and her husband managed to escape from the flame safely. However, she made an assistant go back inside to retrieve her valuables.

Osbourne recalled: “I go into the guest house and he’s going, ‘Everything alright?’ and I’m like ‘No, house is on fire. Get out, help. Go in and get the paintings out.'”

“There were dogs, and I said ‘You must go in and find the dogs,'” she continued. “So he did get the dogs, and the fire engines arrive. Very lovely people. They came and they had this oxygen for the assistant. So then I said to him ‘How very dare you, you work here, and you get more paintings out right now.'”  

Osbourne revealed that she took the assistant’s oxygen mask and put it on her dog, which made the audience and judges laugh.

Sharon Osbourne fired the assistant for not laughing at the situation

After the event, Osbourne said that her assistant was rather peeved. While Osbourne and her husband were “laughing and laughing,” her assistant said that he did not find anything funny, especially since he could have a damaged lung.

“So then, I just said ‘If you don’t think that’s funny, do you think this is funny?’ And he said, ‘What?’ And I said, ‘You’re fired,'” Osbourne said.

Since the premise of Would I Lie to You? involves telling fake stories, many people did not know whether Osbourne was being truthful or not. However, she later confirmed that the story actually did happen.

Fans slammed Sharon Osbourne the way she treated her assistant

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This story did not sit well with a lot of fans, who took to the internet to slam Osbourne for how she treated her assistant.

“Sharon Osbourne is everything wrong with the world,” one person said on Reddit. “The fact she had a job judging talent is an irony of the f***ing universe.”

Another person added: “I saw Would I Lie to You and I couldn’t believe how horrible she was and how no one called her out on her bulls**t – or if they did I can’t remember and it was not strong enough – I was glad to see this post because it’s absolutely true, she acted like it was a funny story but it was her being an utter b***h… What a horrible person. Not funny, just horribly entitled, selfish, and a massive jerk.”

Although it is not clear if the assistant in question has plans for a lawsuit against Osbourne, some netizens pointed out that Osbourne might have made a huge mistake by callously sharing this story on television.

Osbourne has not yet responded to the criticism.