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Bravo network’s wildly successful Real Housewife franchise has made it tough for reality gawkers to look away, as we are all fascinated with the misbehaviors of the rich and privileged. From booze-fueled weave ripping to adolescent behavior coming from grown women with adult children, reality television viewers can’t get enough.

What makes these women so fascinating is they are leading emotionally charged lives with a bank account to match their over-the-top behavior. But how rich are they, and who is the most loaded? To find out, read on.

1. Lisa Rinna

Actress Lisa Rinna at the TommyLand Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2017 Fashion Show
Lisa Rinna | Rich Polk/Getty Images for Tommy Hilfiger

Net worth: $8 million

Actress Lisa Rinna came to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills already famous for her part in NBC’s Days of Our Lives, along with several D-list television shows and movies. She’s married to actor Harry Hamlin and the couple has two teenaged daughters.

Lisa reportedly earned $450,000 during her first season on the show in 2014 but also pulls in cash from commercials. In fact, she made $2 million alone from her 2015 commercial for Depends adult diapers.

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