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Netflix premiered a new Korean drama venturing into the world of science fiction tied with mystery and thrill. The Silent Sea K-drama has a group of scientists venture to the moon with their mission to retrieve a mysterious sample. At the space station, their mission meets mystery as something or someone poses a dangerous threat. The Silent Sea’s main cast comprises well-recognized South Korean actors like Squid Game’s Hae Sung-tae.

'The Silent Sea' main cast members for Netflix K-drama wearing space suits.
‘The Silent Sea’ main cast members for K-drama | via Netflix

Lee Moo-saeng played a supporting role in ‘The World of the Married’

Before getting a leading role in the main cast for The Silent Sea, Lee appeared in the popular melodrama The World of the Married. The 2020 K-drama gained fame for its riveting storyline as a well-respected doctor’s perfect life is anything but. The female lead learns of her husband’s infidelity, and everyone close to her knows.

Lee played the role of Kim Yoon-ki, a doctor in the neuropsychiatry department at Family Love Hospital. In the K-drama, the character married young, but it ended in divorce.

Kim Sun-young is one of K-drama’s most recognizable actors besides ‘The Silent Sea’ main cast

Actor Kim plays the leading role of Dr. Hong Ga-young in the main cast of The Silent Sea. Before the sci-fi K-drama, Kim appeared in another hit Netflix drama. She starred in Crash Landing on You, the K-drama that put Netflix on the map in the genre of television.

In the romance K-drama, she played the role of a North Korean citizen and Chief of the People’s unit in the local village as Na Wol-suk. Crash Landing on You entailed a successful businesswoman and chaebol heiress getting trapped in North Korea by accident. She finds love with a soldier and becomes friends with women from the village.

Crash Landing on You is available to stream on Netflix.

Lee Joon plays Captain Ryoo Tae-seok in ‘The Silent Sea’ main cast

Lee Joon is recognized among K-Pop fans as a member of the boy group MBLAQ. He then became an actor and has had many notable main roles. In 2017, he played the leading role of Ahn Joong-hee in the sitcom/family K-drama My Father is Strange. Much like his real life, Lee’s role in the K-drama entailed an idol-turned-actor.

Joong-hee grew up in the states before moving to Korea. My Father is Strange entails Joong-hee looking for his birth father. In The Silent Sea, Lee plays the role of Captain Ryoo Tae-seok, the head engineer. The character volunteers for the mission to escape the stifling environments in the Ministry.

My Father is Strange is available to stream on Viki.

Bae Doona is known for her role in Netflix’s ‘Kingdom’

Playing the leading role as Song Ji-an in The Silent Sea is popular actor Bae Doona. Ji-an is the team’s astrobiologist determined to uncover the mystery that occurred at the abandoned moon station. Bae has made her career appearing in movies and K-dramas.

While she is known for the legal K-drama Stranger as Han Yeo-jin, she gained more success in another Netflix drama. Since 2019, she has played the leading role of Seo-bi in the historical horror K-drama Kingdom. Seo-bi is one of the first to uncover the dangerous viral plague and holds the key to its mystery.

Kingdom is available to stream on Netflix.

Gong Yoo captured fans hearts as a love interest in ‘Guardian: The Lonely and Great God’


‘Happiness’: The Main Casts Most Recognized K-Dramas

K-drama fans know the name, Gong Yoo. The South Korean actor has been a hotshot in the industry for years, appearing in the gender-being K-drama Coffee Prince. Gong gained more fame for his leading role in Train to Busan. While Gong plays the main role as team leader Han Yoon-jae in The Silent Sea main cast, he captured fans’ hearts with one standout K-drama.

In 2016, he played the main role in the fan-favorite K-drama Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. The romance drama won Gong the Best Actor award at the 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards. Gong played the role of Kim Shin. A goblin cursed to live for eternity waiting for his bride.

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God is available to stream on Viki.