‘The Simpsons’ Is the Only Disney+ Series to Have ‘Adult Content’

Looking for something new to binge-watch or just for something nostalgic? Thanks to Disney+, 30 seasons of The Simpsons are available to subscribers. Why is The Simpsons available on Disney+ and not Disney’s partner streaming platform, Hulu? Here’s what we know about this comedy show and its newer episodes available on the Disney+ library.

Original animation cels from 'The Simpsons' on display
Original animation cels from ‘The Simpsons’ on display | Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Surprisingly, ‘The Simpsons’ is available exclusively on Disney+

If you love doughnuts, Duff Beer, and plenty of jokes, The Simpsons is probably the show for you. New episodes of this original comedy series premiered on television.

However, the series since made the switch to Disney’s streaming platform, Disney+, where 30 seasons are available for binge-watching. For fans of the show, this came as a bit of a surprise, especially considering The Simpsons’ “adult” humor.

Because Disney has a partnership with Hulu, some expected this series to premiere on this streaming platform instead of Disney+. That’s because adult-skewing content created by FOX and FX is available exclusively on Hulu, including shows like American Horror Story. 

Instead, most episodes of this original 21st Century Fox comedy are available on Disney’s streaming platform. Why does Disney need a sitcom like this? According to the Observer, to give the platform a boost early during its early stages. 

“Sitcoms are especially effective tools at combating cancellations, which is one reason why Friends, The Office, Seinfeld, and The Big Bang Theory are inciting nine-figure bidding wars,” the article states. “These are easily digestible programming hits that can be consumed by both active and passive viewers either sitting on the couch fully engaged or doing bills at the table as Disney+ plays in the background. Streamers rely on these series for daily usage.”

Does Disney change the episodes of ‘The Simpsons’ available on their streaming platform?

Some fans noticed that Disney altered the aspect ratio of earlier episodes to better fit the screen. As a result, a few of the jokes are completely missing from these seasons. During May 2020, Disney changed the aspect ratio back to 4:3, for better enjoyment of all The Simpsons’ episodes. 

Some things still haven’t changed just because it’s on Disney+, though. For The Simpsons Movie, the infamous scene of Bart skateboarding naked is still included in its entirety, completely uncensored. (The movie is rated PG-13, though.)

New episodes of this comedy series premiere on Disney+

The Simpsons is the longest-running scripted series in television history, currently airing its 31st  season. That means new episodes still premiere periodically on Disney’s streaming platform, giving new content to viewers. That includes a short of Maggie Simpson, The Longest Daycare, which debuted during 2020.

Fans anticipate new episodes of The Simpsons to premiere periodically throughout 2020, both on the television network FXX and on Disney+. The Simpsons Movie, short films, as well as 30 complete seasons of this comedy series, are available on Disney’s streaming platform. To learn more about Disney+ and to subscribe, visit their website.

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