The Skywalker Family Wins By Being Extremely Over-Dramatic, According to Star Wars Fans

Over the course of the Star Wars movies, the Skywalker family has become a dynasty.

Although the movies may seem focused around an intense war between good and evil in a galaxy far, far away, the Skywalkers have been the protagonists in almost every movie.

In a recent Reddit conversation, fans poked fun at the fact that this family seems to be full of drama queens. 

Darth Vader is the ultimate drama queen, according to fans 

Mark Hamill
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Although in the original movies fans only know Darth Vader as an evil servant of Emperor Palpatine, the prequels prove he was once a sweet, innocent little boy.

When Anakin Skywalker met Princess Amidala, he fell in love, despite the fact that the relationship was forbidden by the Jedi Order. In the end, fear of losing the love of his life is one of the things that turned him to the dark side, and drove him to the arms of Palpatine. At the end of the prequels, fans see Amidala die giving birth to twins, and Anakin being burned beyond recognition.

This disfigurement will lead him to wear the infamous Vader mask. His children are sent to live on separate planets. Luke carries on the Skywalker name, living with Anakin’s uncle Owen, and Leia is adopted into another family. 

At the end of the Return of the Jedi, Vader has a change of heart at the last minute, and protects his son Luke instead of his beloved Empire. Unfortunately his helmet is damaged, and he is unable to live without it. He dies in Luke’s arms.

Fans think that by doing the right thing at the last possible moment, Vader was maximizing the drama of the moment, making him the ultimate drama queen. It’s a trait he’s seemed to pass on to his male heirs. 

All the Skywalker men have died in dramatic ways  

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Although Luke Skywalker was never tempted by the dark side, he was tempted by indifference. He lived as a hermit on Ahch-To, even though he is the last Jedi in the world, therefore the last hope for saving the galaxy. In the end, he did join the battle on Crait and assisted the Resistance. But he waited until it was almost too late.

Returning to the aid of the Resistance was essentially Luke’s last act, and fans think that’s similar to what happened with Vader. As one fan put it, the Skywalkers are a “‘fulfill your destiny in the last minute and die moments later’ type of family.”

Even though Luke never turned to the dark side, he still turned his back on the Resistance, and the galaxy as a whole. It was almost too late when he joined the Force and projected himself on to Crait to save the day. Then his physical form passed, and he became one with the Force much like his mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi. 

Kylo Ren’s dramatic act mimicked Darth Vader’s

Kylo, much like his grandfather Anakin, had a strong link to the force. Unfortunately he never used it for good.

He was tempted by the dark side while learning the ways of the Jedi, as taught by his uncle Luke Skywalker. Then, also like Anakin, he murdered his fellow students and joined Palpatine’s evil empire. The connections to his grandfather Anakin are not coincidental.

Their story arcs are incredibly similar, right up to their deaths. Kylo, after giving up the dark side and becoming Ben Solo again, died to save Rey, in a final act of goodness to make up for all the bad. 

Fans are disappointed that Vader and Kylo’s story arcs don’t seem to diverge very much at all. As one fan put it, “I wish he had broken the cycle… Ended up LIVING for a cause rather than dying for it.” Since Ben Solo was the last Skywalker, it’s unlikely that any will break their drama queen cycle in future films.