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Netflix has a lot of new Korean dramas in store for fans in 2022. The streaming platform debuted the official trailer for The Sound of Magic K-drama. The drama was teased during Netflix’s Tudum event, including its main cast. The Sound of Magic has fans eager for May to come sooner to see the whimsical and fantasy-driven webtoon drama come to life.

'The Sound of Magic' K-drama and main characters in poster in amusement park.
‘The Sound of Magic’ K-drama and main characters | via Netflix

Netflix’s ‘The Sound of Magic’ K-drama is based on an original webtoon

Part of the reason why fans are eager to see the K-drama is that it was first an illustrated story. The Sound of Magic’s original webtoon title is Annarasumanara by Ilkwon Ha. Taking a look at the Naver webtoon, it is surprisingly short.

It has only eight chapters and is completely illustrated in black and white. Annarasumanara was originally published in 2010 and ended its run that same year. It was later adapted into a play.

The synopsis for the webtoon reads, “When she was little, Yun Ai dreamed of becoming a magician. But in reality, she’s just a high school student who can’t even afford new socks. After meeting a mysterious magician at a carnival, she decides to follow her dream.”

Thanks to the webtoon before it was a K-drama, The Sound of Magic already had a fan base. Like most K-dramas based on written source material, fans have already noticed scenes from the webtoon in the first trailer. A fan on Twitter posted side-by-side comparisons of Hwang In-youp’s K-drama character and his webtoon version.

The Netflix K-drama stars Ji Chang-wook, Hwang In-youp and Choi Sung-eun

As K-dramas have become even more popular globally, some well-respected actors are getting the spotlight. The Sound of Magic K-drama stars Ji Chang-wook in the main role of Lee Eul. His character is the storyline’s magician who lives in an abandoned amusement park.

Ji is well known for his role in the Netflix K-drama Lovestruck in the City, Healer, The K2, Melting Me Softly, and Backstreet Rookie. The actor’s co-star is none other than Choi Sung-eun. She plays the role of Yoon Ah-yi, who wants to let go of her youth to become an adult.

Choi is still a relatively new actor, but fans might remember her from one chilling crime K-drama. In 2021, she played the role of Yoo Jae-yi in Beyond Evil. The award-winning K-drama used real-life crime cases in its storyline.

Actor Hwang In-youp joins Choi and Ji as Na Il-deung. In The Sound of Music, Il-deung has trouble communicating with others and immerses himself in his studies. Fans are eager to see Hwang star in a new leading role. Fans on Twitter are going ga-ga over his visuals and his profound role. Hwang became well known for his bad-boy role in the teen romance K-drama, True Beauty.

‘The Sound of Magic’ K-drama combines fantasy, magic, and music in a colorful world of wonder


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The trailer alone for The Sound of Magic K-drama has fans excited for May. The story focuses on Yoon Ah-yi, who has supported herself and her brother from a young age by working part-time jobs. Their parents abandoned them due to financial problems. Despite her problems, Ah-yi is academically talented, kind, and pretty.

She always dreamed of becoming a magician, but her responsibilities came first. She meets adult magician Lee Eul in an abandoned amusement park. He is mysterious but reignited her fire and lost innocence. Alongside the character is Nah Il-deung. He competes with Ah-yi for the top grade but comes to learn the wonder of magic.

The storyline for The Sound of Magic K-drama is not the only intriguing factor. Fans will get to see a drama like no other that is also a musical. The trailer reveals Ji’s impressive vocals, and fans on Twitter are raving about getting to see him act, sing and dance.

Fans will get to see bright colors, animation, CGI, and more to bring a whimsical world to life full of magic and songs. The Sound of Magic will stream on Netflix on May 6.