The ‘South Park’ Creators Say Their Feud With the ‘Family Guy’ Creators Is One-Sided

The South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have always been very open about their hatred of Family Guy. Because their Comedy Central series is constantly being compared to Seth MacFarlane’s show, Stone and Parker are vocal that they are “nothing like Family Guy.”

But according to the South Park writers, their beef with MacFarlane and his team is a “one-way war.”

Trey Parker and Matt Stone at the 5th Anniversary of Comedy Central's "South Park" at Quixote Studios in Hollywood, Ca. Thursday, Oct. 24, 2002
Trey Parker and Matt Stone at the 5th Anniversary of Comedy Central’s “South Park” at Quixote Studios in Hollywood, Ca. Thursday, Oct. 24, 2002 | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Matt Stone and Trey Parker admit to ‘Hating’ Family Guy

On multiple occasions, Stone and Parker have expressed their deep hatred for Family Guy. They even made a two-parter episode in season 10 dedicated to making fun of the show. And during a commentary video, Parker shamelessly expressed why he dislikes MacFarlane’s show so much.

“I just want to say for the record right now, we’ve seen Family Guy, it’s… it’s… we do hate it,” Parker says. “We do hate Family Guy. And we totally understand that people love it, and that’s why we put it in the show. We understand that it speaks to some people, and it can just be a simple laugh, and that’s great… and we certainly don’t think it should be taken off the air or anything like that. We just don’t respect it in terms of writing.”

Matt Stone and Trey Parker say their feud with Seth MacFarlane is one-sided

When speaking to The New York Times, Parker and Stone talked about how much they dislike being compared to Family Guy. They have noted several times before that they don’t respect MacFarlane’s animated series, and they can’t stand being boxed together with his show.

But according to the South Park creators, their beef with the Family Guy writers is totally one-sided. They joke that because the Family Guy writers make a lot more money than them, they don’t really care what Stone and Parker have to say.

“They completely ignore us, so it’s fine,” says Stone. “It’s a one-way war. We don’t know anybody there. They don’t know us. I don’t think they’re much bothered by us.”
“They’re making a lot more money than we are, so I don’t think they care very much,” Parker notes.

Seth MacFarlane doesn’t understand Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s hatred for his show

Seth Macfarlane Thinks the ‘South Park’ Creators ‘Crossed the Line’ With This Joke

In an interview with Rolling Stone, MacFarlane was asked whether he feels left out from the “comedy crowd.” Because his show has been ripped on endlessly by The Simpsons and South Park, does he feel like an outsider?

MacFarlane responded by saying,

“At one point, that was the case. But the Family Guy crowd and the Simpsons crowd have become friendly over time. I thought the South Park episode making fun of us was funny and accurate,” MacFarlane said, “But what I don’t understand is the personal venom that they spew in the press about the show and about me, where it’s not in the context of a joke. That’s a little baffling. They let loose with this vitriol in every interview I read with them. It’d be interesting to know where it comes from because I don’t know them.”