The Surprising Connection Between ‘Killing Eve’ and ‘The Crown’

There is still a lot of buzz surrounding the second season of Killing Eve after Jodie Comer’s impressive Emmy win. Also, The Crown just dropped the trailer for its third season, so anticipation is nearing a fever pitch.

While both series are acquiring a lot of attention, there is a particular connection between the two shows that may be surprising to many. Emerald Fennell bridges the gap between the two shows.

Emerald Fennel, Fiona Shaw, Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer, and Sally Woodward Gentle
Emerald Fennel, Fiona Shaw, Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer, and Sally Woodward Gentle | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Emerald Fennell goes from ‘Killing Eve’ showrunner to ‘The Crown’ star

Fennell is an actress, screenwriter and author from England. On the acting side, she is most known for her role as Nurse Patsy Mount in Call The Midwife. She was in the role from 2013-2017.

The multihyphenate is close friends with Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Killing Eve’s creator and showrunner of its first season. Fennell was tapped to be the showrunner for the second season, taking over for Waller-Bridge.

Emerald Fennell at the 'Killing Eve' premiere
Emerald Fennell | CHRIS DELMAS/AFP/Getty Images

In an interview with The New York Times, Fennell said, “Phoebe and I had worked together in the past, and we’ve been friends for nearly 10 years. We met on a film — Albert Nobbs — which we both had tiny parts in. I started in the very early days as a writer in the Season 2 writer’s room. Because it’s such an unusual show, they did a very loose writers’ room for a week just to see, and then wonderfully and luckily for me they promoted me to head writer.”

After wrapping up Killing Eve‘s second season, Fennell signed on to portray Camilla Parker-Bowles in The Crown, creating a major connection between the two British-based series.

When will Emerald Fennell be on ‘The Crown’?

Fennell is set to star in the third and fourth seasons of The Crown. She will have a role in the third season as her early romance with Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor) is depicted. Her portrayal will also run through the fourth season once Diana Spencer (Emma Corrin) is introduced as well.

In an earlier Netflix statement, Fennell said of her role as Camila: “I’m absolutely over the moon, and completely terrified, to be joining so many hugely talented people on The Crown. I absolutely love Camilla, and am very grateful that my teenage years have prepared me for playing a chain-smoking serial snogger with a pudding bowl hair cut.”

Will Emerald Fennell be the showrunner of the third season for ‘Killing Eve’?

The format established by Waller-Bridge is to have a different female showrunner for each season. For the third season, Suzanne Heathcote will be the showrunner.

Fennell has spoken about the season-to-season showrunner changes for the series and how it gives young women writers a great opportunity. “Oh my goodness, it’s unimaginable,” she said. “Apart from the fact Killing Eve is so fascinating from a character point of view, you’re dealing with an action show in lots of ways, and so there’s lots of locations and all sorts of complicated technical production stuff. I didn’t think that I’d have the opportunity to work on something at such a big scale. It’s life-changing, really.”

Killing Eve‘s second season will return in 2020. The Crown’s third season debuts on Netflix in November.