The Sweet Reason Why Brad Pitt Gifted Lena Dunham His Ring

Lena Dunham is well known as an actress, writer, producer, and director. She’s also known for being unusually open and genuine for a Hollywood star. She’s shared she suffers from anxiety and that it’s impacted her life. That has endeared her to many fans, but her lack of artifice has landed her in embarrassing situations occasionally. One such event occurred recently, but Dunham was given some comfort in her distress — and from a huge star, too. 

Lena Dunham has been open about her struggle

In a recent Instagram post, Dunham revealed that she was celebrating two years of being clean and sober, calling it a miracle she couldn’t take for granted. She had become addicted to the anti-anxiety medication Klonopin when her anxiety was interfering with her life. But instead of it helping her, she became dependent on it, to the point that she eventually went to rehab. 

But as many people in recovery know, having to give up the one thing she thought she needed was what actually set her free. As she wrote, “not using and removing secrecy and self-harm from my repertoire, has given me a life beyond my wildest dreams. Not because it’s perfect, but because it is really and truly mine.”

She got a part in a very big film

Lena Dunham coronavirus activities
Lena Dunham | Bruce Glikas/WireImage

After rehab, Dunham was able to focus on her career again. One of her successes was landing a cameo in the huge film from Quentin Tarantino Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood. She played Gypsy, a character based on a real person, and she got to work with some of the biggest names in the business. And one of those big names was Brad Pitt.

Dunham had worked with Pitt before, but she didn’t expect the star to remember her that well. 

” I expected, you know, a friendly hello from Brad. And I think what happened was the best thing that’s maybe ever happened to me.” Instead of a casual greeting Pitt, “came over and picked me up and spun me around,” she said. “And it was like … it was like in one of those movies where the nerd shows up at the prom and the hottest guy at school is like, ‘Would you care to dance?'”

It was a sweet moment, and it wasn’t the last time Pitt helped Dunham through an awkward situation.

A red carpet fumble

When Dunham and Pitt saw each other on the red carpet for the London premiere of Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood, they greeted each other warmly. In a classic fumble, Dunham went in to give him a friendly kiss just as Pitt turned his head, making it look like he was dodging her. A picture of the moment went viral, with people interpreting it as Dunham trying to force affection on an uninterested Pitt. As embarrassing as that is, Dunham isn’t bothered by it, because she knows she and Pitt are good.

Apparently later in the evening, Pitt reached out to her because he knew she was nervous. She explained that he “took me into a room and we secretly ate pizza and I told him I like his ring and he gave it to me.”

The ring turned out to be not only a comfort for Dunham, but it’s also become something of a lucky charm. She insists that “every time I wear it, something amazing happens.”

It sounds as though Pitt is the kind of good friend everyone wants. He’s really come through for Dunham more than once — and she’s got the ring to prove it.