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The future of The Talk has been up in the air this week. The show has been on hiatus since host Sharon Osbourne got into a heated argument with her co-host Sheryl Underwood while defending Piers Morgan and his comments about Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. Now that the show is on an extended hiatus, Osbourne has revealed if she’s planning on returning to The Talk after the break.

Elaine Welteroth, Carrie Ann Inaba, Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood, and Amanda Kloots
Elaine Welteroth, Carrie Ann Inaba, Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood, and Amanda Kloots | Randee St. Nicholas/CBS via Getty Images

Sharon Osbourne’s argument with Sheryl Underwood

Morgan received backlash after he made light of Meghan’s comments about her mental health and wanting to harm herself during her interview with Oprah Winfrey. When his Good Morning Britain co-host Alex Beresford tried to confront him about it on air, Morgan walked off the set and ultimately left the job.

Osbourne later defended Morgan on Twitter.

“I am with you. I stand by you,” she wrote. “People forget that you’re paid for your opinion and that you’re just speaking your truth.”

On The Talk, Underwood confronted Osbourne about her support of Morgan and she immediately became defensive.

“I don’t know what he’s uttered that’s racist,” Osbourne said. “I’m not trying to slide out of this one. Tell me, what has he uttered that’s racist? I feel like I’m about to be put in the electric chair because I have a friend who many people think is racist, so that makes me a racist.”

The show quickly cut to commercial break but after the break, Osbourne doubled down on her defense.

“I will ask you again, Sheryl,” Osbourne said. “I’ve been asking you during the break. And don’t try and cry because if anyone should be crying, it should be me. This is the situation: You tell me where you have heard him say racist things. Educate me.”

Will Sharon Osbourne be back on ‘The Talk’?

After the show aired, Osbourne tweeted an apology to “anyone of color” that she offended or “let down.”

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Osbourne revealed that she felt “set up” by the whole altercation. She said the other women “had preparation, they had written questions for them.” 

“Sheryl turns around and asks me this question and….she was reading it off a card,” Osbourne said. “It wasn’t on my cards. And then Elaine [Welteroth]’s reading her questions and I’m like, ‘I’ve been set up.’ They’re setting me up. My anger was like, I cannot believe this, I’m your sacrificial lamb.”


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Now, Osbourne isn’t sure if she wants to return to The Talk or not.

“I wish we could go on and have a adult conversation calmly and work it out but I don’t know whether we can,” she told the outlet. “I don’t know whether it’s gone past that. I would love to but I don’t know whether I even want to go back. … I don’t know whether I’m wanted there.”