‘The Terminal List’: Chris Pratt Hopes Show Leads to More Dramatic Roles

Chris Pratt is doing drama. The Prime Video series The Terminal List is a lot different from his last show, the comedy Parks and Recreation. Even Pratt’s action movies like Guardians of the Galaxy have a lot of humor but Pratt plays it straight in The Terminal List. He hopes this is the start of a new phase of dramatic roles in his career. 

'Terminal List': Chris Pratt sits in a doctor's office looking at dramatic head X-rays
Chris Pratt | Justin Lubin/Amazon Studios

Pratt was a guest on the Happy Sad Confused podcast on July 12. Discussing The Terminal List, Pratt expressed his hopes to do more drama. The Terminal List Season 1 is now streaming on Prime Video

Chris Pratt asks ‘The Lego Movie’ fans to give ‘The Terminal List’ a chance 

Pratt understands he’s done a lot of comedy. That even extends to his voice work in The Lego Movies and the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Pratt hopes grown-up viewers will give The Terminal List the benefit of the doubt. 

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“It’s certainly a challenge,” Pratt said on Happy Sad Confused. “It’s something new for me. One of the challenges that I have is audience expectations. If this is the first thing anyone ever saw me do, they’d be like wow, that’s the guy who does psychological dramas and thrillers. But they’re like, ‘Wasn’t he that guy from The Lego Movie?’ I think there’s a certain amount of baggage that people will come into having seen some of my previous work. So I ask you to leave that at the door and take the journey for what it is.”

‘The Terminal List’ is a test for Chris Pratt drama

The Terminal List has proven to be a hit on Prime Video. At the time Pratt recorded his interview he was still waiting to see if people would buy him as a Navy SEAL facing a conspiracy.

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“Now I have a little bit more control over the things I want to do,” Pratt said. “It’ll be a challenge to see if I can navigate these waters if the expectations that people have of me because of the work that I’ve done previously is going to hinder my ability to be believable in a psychological thriller, we’ll find out. I hope not.”

He’s going to keep trying new things 

Whatever comes after The Terminal List, Pratt is eager to keep moving forward in his career. The show is a step beyond what he’s done in film and television, and who knows what could come next?

“It’s a very exciting time for me because now I feel like I can sit back and do the things that I want to do,” Pratt said. “I can generate the things I want to generate and I can be home some more too because I’ve been gone a lot for the past 10 years. That was a big impetus for shooting this show was that it shot in L.A. That was kinda cool to be able to bring something and sleep in my own bed at night.”

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