The Tragic Reason ‘This Is Us’ Star Mandy Moore Almost Quit Hollywood

By now everyone has heard Mandy Moore’s version of her relationship with Ryan Adams. She claims that he emotionally and verbally abused her throughout their seven years of marriage.

Moore’s allegations aren’t the only ones. Adams has been accused of similar behavior by a few other women.  

All of the allegations, including Moore’s, share a common theme. In each situation, Adams allegedly promised to help the women with their music careers. He used the promise of fame to get these women to give him sexual favors. In one case, the victim was underage.

Adams denies all of these accusations, including Moore’s.

Mandy Moore’s music career is damaged

Moore’s allegations are not much different from those made by Adams’ seven other accusers. Adams became her manager. He promised to help her produce music, but nothing ever materialized.

Moore feels that thanks to the seven years she spent with Adams, her music career is irreparably damaged. She found fame with hit pop songs like ‘Candy.’ She dropped out of the music scene but kept acting.

Most people thought she had decided to dedicate herself fully to being an actress, but that was far from the case. It turns out Moore wasn’t producing music because of Adams.

Moore has said that after being gone from the music scene for so long, she’s not sure if she can come back. She released a song earlier this year, but it hasn’t gotten as big as some of her previous hits. It turns out it wasn’t just Moore’s music career that suffered because of her relationship.

Mandy Moore held back in acting, too

Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Moore has said that she had to be careful of what jobs she took while she was married. According to Moore, Adams took up much of her free time. She had to be home as much as possible. Like many abusers, Adams monopolized Moore’s schedule, making it difficult for her to form connections with others.

Moore did continue to work in acting. Like her music career; however, her work was stunted by Adams.

She’s still a popular actress. This Is Us has been a hit for four seasons, and fans are eager for more. Even though Moore is a big part of that show, she may have never been on it if she were still married to Adams.

Fans are connecting with Mandy Moore 

Moore is being very open about how the emotional abuse she suffered made her feel. Fans are really connecting with Moore’s honesty.

In February, Moore told comedian Marc Maron: “I felt like I was drowning. It was so untenable and unsustainable and it was so lonely. I was so sad. I was lonely with him.” She went on to say that Adams made her feel “so small.”

Moore’s experience of changing to accommodate a partner is resonating with a lot of fans. Men and women who have experienced emotional abuse can relate to how Moore felt, and they think she’s brave for sharing.

Mandy Moore has moved on

Moore took a big job, This Is Us, shortly after filing for divorce from Adams. The show definitely relaunched her acting career. It’s a huge hit, and Moore is a fan favorite.

She’s also recording music again. Her new single, ‘When I Wasn’t Watching,’ hasn’t exactly made a splash, but it’s a start. Those who have listened to are in general consensus that the song is beautiful. Her new album will be out in 2020.

Moore has had success in her personal life: She married Taylor Goldsmith in 2018. Goldsmith is also a musician. He and Moore seem very happy, and it looks like he’s much more supportive of her career. Moore is well on the way to getting both her music career and acting career back on track.