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The Ultimatum pushes people to decide on whether they’ll marry their partner or break up. Alexis Maloney and Hunter Parr went on the reality TV show and got their answer, but are they still engaged?

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from The Ultimatum episode “New Bed, New Partner.”]

Hunter Parr proposed on ‘The Ultimatum’ 

Alexis Maloney sits on Hunter Parr's lap of 'The Ultimatum'
Alexis Maloney and Hunter Parr of ‘The Ultimatum’ | Netflix

The season started with Hunter wanting to move in with Alexis. But she didn’t want to live under the same roof until they were engaged. The couple was ready to split up and date new people to see if life was greener on the other side.

Alexis had a more challenging time. She seemed interested in Colby Kiss, but he said he wasn’t attracted to her. Meanwhile, multiple women seemed interested in Hunter Parr. April Marie picked him for her trial marriage. But he decided to propose to Alexis instead of moving forward with the season.

“I know you gave the ultimatum, but I love you so much,” he told her. “You talked about clarity, and you talked about wanting to understand what I want and what I need. And this experience has showed me so clearly that I was just scared and I was using moving in together as a way to delay what I knew inside, and I’m not scared anymore.” 

Are Alexis and Hunter still engaged?

The couple’s last picture together on Alexis’ Instagram is dated back to January 2021. They’re sitting close together on a boat. She captioned it with “golden hour with my hunnies.” Hunter’s last picture of them together is even further back in 2019.

But luckily, they did an interview giving an update on their life. Hunter said they moved to California immediately after getting engaged.

“We’ve been planning our wedding,” he told Us Weekly. “We’re getting married in the summer of this year, which we’re really excited about because not only will we be able to celebrate our engagement and marriage. But we’ll also be able to share it with everybody, which we’re looking forward to. And so it’s been busy moving from Texas to California, starting to plan for a wedding, we have a dog together. It’s been moving fast, but it’s flown by because we’re having a lot of fun.”

Alexis said it’s been difficult keeping the good news a secret. But they said on April 13, they get to “post it all.”

Fans react to their surprise engagement


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Fans shared their reaction to the couple finding their happy ending early on Reddit. Some are speculating about the timing.

“Hunter and Alexis were weirdly cute. They never really connected with anyone else and sort of hung out with each other still alot,” one fan wrote.

“I wonder if that was their plan all along, to come on the show, get some SM fame and bounce before things go crazy,” another person replied.

“Hunter is too good for her,” a third fan claimed.

It looks like the couples are getting mixed reactions. But now they’re living their life together publicly.