‘The Ultimatum’: Did April Spoil Her Ending With Jake?

The Ultimatum fans are waiting to see the finale and reunion. But April Mae might have slipped up and given a spoiler on whether she ends up with Jake Cunningham. Here is what she said and another hint to a spoiler.

April Mae and Jake Cunningham’s relationship changed in ‘The Ultimatum’

April Marie wears a red dress next to Jake Cunningham, who wears a grey jacket and black shirt on 'The Ultimatum'.
April Marie and Jake Cunningham on ‘The Ultimatum’ | Netflix

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April and Jake had an established relationship before going on The Ultimatum. They already lived together, and Jake bought her a car. But he wasn’t willing to propose yet, so she gave him an ultimatum.

In the first episode, it seemed like they had a sweet relationship. But once he met Rae Williams, Jake was quick to blame April for their problems. He also started distancing himself from her.

It looks like the season will come down to Jake choosing either April or Rae, who dumped her boyfriend, Zay Wilson.

April Mae might’ve spoiled who Jake chose

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Fans are still waiting to see who he will choose. But April’s recent interview might give a solid hint to that answer.

She revealed to Us Weekly that she noticed a big difference with living with Jake after his trial marriage with Rae. “It was a whole another person, and I think that was the hardest thing, especially when cameras were rolling and I’m trying to get his full attention, and it’s not there,” she said. “It’s just like I already lost the fight at that point.”

She later said, “I think the hardest part about it was well the cameras are rolling and just trying to get some kind of affection or emotion out of him that was like genuine and didn’t feel half-a**ed is the part that hurt the most. Just knowing that when he was doing it, it wasn’t, it wasn’t authentic.”

This could be a hint that Jake doesn’t choose April in the end. She also claimed she wasn’t mad by the time they filmed the reunion and even said Jake’s scenes with Rae were “cute.” However, it’s still unconfirmed how the show ends. 

Instagram might give another hint

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April and Jake are both on Instagram. Jake follows other cast members like Hunter Parr, Shanique Imari, Madlyn Riley Ballatori, Alexis Maloney, Lauren Pounds, Randall Griffin and Nate Ruggles. But he suspiciously doesn’t follow April. He also doesn’t have any pictures of her on his page.

April doesn’t have any pictures with Jake on her page either. She also follows Hunter, Rae, Nate, Colby Kiss, Randall, Madyln, Shanique, and Alexis. She doesn’t follow Jake.

It looks like all signs are pointing to April and Jake being over. But fans will have to wait to know for sure.