‘The Ultimatum’ Fans Didn’t See Alexis Picking This Man as Her Trial Husband

The Ultimatum had a very awkward ceremony where people were supposed to pick their trial partners. Alexis Maloney wasn’t shown picking anyone. But cast members revealed things that fans didn’t get to see, like who Alexis would pick.

Alexis seemed left out on ‘The Ultimatum’

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The season began with all of the original couples breaking up and dating each other. They then had to pick one person for their trial marriage, which included living together for three weeks.

Alexis gave her boyfriend, Hunter Parr, an ultimatum to get engaged or break up. She was then interested in Colby Kissinger being her trial husband. However, he rejected her. She asked him why and he revealed he wasn’t attracted to her. 

The cast then had to pick their trial partners. It looked like Alexis might not end up with anyone, but then Hunter proposed to her.

‘The Ultimatum’ fans didn’t see Alexis picking Nate as her trial husband

Alexis Maloney sits on Hunter Parr's lap of 'The Ultimatum'
Alexis Maloney and Hunter Parr of ‘The Ultimatum’ | Netflix

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Fans didn’t get to see everything that happened on the night when everyone had to choose their trial partner. Nate Ruggles and Lauren Pounds revealed people’s choices that fans didn’t get to see on the Your Poor Dad podcast.

“At the end of the choice night, it was kinda like OK, now we’re also basically being paired up with, each of us, a person that we didn’t want to be paired up with,” Nate said.

“Because by default, what was going to happen was I was going to be with Colby even though my pick was Hunter,” Lauren said. “Y’all don’t see that part. My pick was Hunter. Alexis’s pick was Nathan. And so Hunter proposes to Alexis, and there’s only four people left. And that’s me, April [Melohn], Nathan, and Colby.”

Lauren said Nathan told the camera he didn’t want to live with April, and she said she didn’t want to live with Colby on choice night. “And nothing against them,” Lauren added. “We’re cool with every single one of the cast members. But we didn’t want to live with those people, and so I guess for Nathan, it became very aware that that was about to happen.”

Lauren said Nate and April talk a lot, so that probably wouldn’t be a good fit. However, Madlyn Ballatori has the theory that Lauren and Colby would have gotten along very well.

Madlyn is happy Lauren and Colby didn’t live together

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Madlyn and Colby talked about their experience on The Viall Files. She said things could have ended differently between them if Colby got what he wanted.

“Because we both, me and Colby, I mean going into it, we both knew that we had the ability to connect with other people,” she said. “We both value human connection, getting to know people. That’s such a fun, exciting part of life. So I knew we were both capable of it. I didn’t know he was doing it, though. So watching it back, I was like, thank god she left.”

Madlyn said they would have split up. “I don’t think he would have controlled himself as much,” she said.

Colby and Madlyn got married at the end of the season. They’re now expecting their first baby.