‘The Ultimatum’: Nate Apologized to Hunter and Alexis for His Proposal to Lauren

Couples were put in awkward positions on The Ultimatum. But no one expected one of them to steal the other’s thunder with an engagement. Nate Ruggles talks about apologizing to his fellow cast members after the show.

Nate proposed after Hunter did on ‘The Ultimatum’

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The Netflix show gathered couples where someone gave the other an ultimatum to get engaged or end the relationship. Every couple was supposed to break up, date, and pick a new partner to hopefully help people decide if they were ready for marriage.

Hunter Parr decided not to move forward with the experiment but proposed to Alexis Maloney. The rest of the cast was happy for them. But then Nate chose to propose to Lauren Pounds, and they got a very different reaction.

Colby Kissinger questioned if Nate was genuine because he was still considering picking other women for a trial marriage. People also pointed out that they didn’t figure out their issue on whether they’ll have kids one day. April Melohn didn’t seem happy for them either. Nate, Lauren, Alexis, and Hunter still left the show early. 

Nate apologized to Hunter and Alexis for his proposal to Lauren

The Ultimatum Hunter and Alexis
The Ultimatum: Marry or Move | Netflix

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The couple revealed if there was any bad blood with the one other couple that got engaged on the same night. They said on the Your Poor Dad podcast that Nate apologized to them.

“The funny thing actually is Hunter and Alexis were so supportive,” Lauren told the hosts. “After we left the show, Nathan reached out and was like, ‘I just want to apologize if you feel like I rained on your parade. Did XYZ,’ like Hunter and Alexis were the first people that Nathan reached out to, and we talk about this at the reunion too. But I just don’t think they wanted to paint us in any good light. This all got cut.”

She said he talked about apologizing and how the couple supported them. Lauren gave her theory on why that wasn’t shown.

“I do have this itchy feeling that the producers hated that,” she said. “They hated that they were being supportive of us because they wanted to see that like ‘F*ck these guys. They like got engaged right after us. They ruined our day.’ I think they wanted that drama, but they didn’t get it.”

Nate said someone can ask the same question in different ways and only play a clip of the answer, so storylines on reality TV can’t always be believed. 

Fans did see an awkward moment between the couples at the reunion. Nate and Lauren gave an update on their lives and talked about their dilemma over having children. Alexis chimed in, asking for a direct answer on whether they will have kids or not. Lauren then said they agreed to have one child.