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The Ultimatum had couples switching partners, which sounds like a recipe for disaster. But Rae Williams and Shanique Imari revealed they made rules with their boyfriends about what they could do with their new partner.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from The Ultimatum episode “Ultimatum Day” and “The Reunion.”]

Couples switch partners on ‘The Ultimatum’

The Ultimatum has an interesting process of couples breaking up and dating each other to find out if they’re ready for marriage or not. This is messy since their original partners can watch them date someone else and get jealous.

The cast lived with a new partner for three weeks. After that, they returned to their original partner. In the end, they choose to get engaged or break up.

Some cast members were physically attracted to their new partners and messed around. But fans didn’t know that some of them had already made rules with their partners about how far they’ll go.

Rae and Shanique made rules with their boyfriends before filming

Shanique and Rae talked about their experiences filming on the We Have the Receipts podcast. The hosts asked them if they talked about ground rules about living with someone else before filming.

Shanique said she talked to Randall Griffin the night before they met anyone to talk about how they would handle the new couplings. “The agreement that we came to was if anything happens like we’re going, to be honest about it,” she said. “That’s just the first rule. Let me know, and let’s figure out if we want to figure this out. If we can forgive that. But the only other thing that was like no was full-blown–that was a dealbreaker.”

Rae said her situation was different. “So for Zay [Wilson] and I, we had a rule which was just don’t do anything past kissing,” she said. “I was the one who brought up boundaries first and at first, Zay was like, ‘Let’s just go with the flow. Let’s see what happens.'” However, when he realized she had a connection with Jake Cunningham, Zay wanted to follow their rule about nothing past kissing.

Rae said Zay was so jealous that he watched one of her dates with Jake through a window. She didn’t realize that, but producers told her Zay was there.

Zay hooked up with Shanique

Randall Griffin wears a suit and carries Shanique Imari who wears a dress on 'The Ultimatum.'
Shanique Imari and Randall Griffin on ‘The Ultimatum’ | Netflix

‘The Ultimatum’ Reunion: Randall Reacts to Shanique and Zay’s Hookup

Rae’s reveal is interesting since an episode showed Zay and Shanique doing something together in bed. The reunion revealed Shanique was honest about this with Randall immediately.

However, Rae claimed Zay never told her about the hookup, so she was shocked. She also claimed she never went that far with Jake. This could mean Zay broke their agreement.